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Name: MistyWench
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I am a spiritualist and have been exploring my path for almost a decade now. I am an open ear and willfull spirit. I enjoy conversing, learning, and advising. I have tried my hand at many things and enjoy the fullness of life. I am on site to expand myself and to help others expand themselves. We are each on a path and no one path is better than another, and not all paths are meant to be spiritual.

Practices :

  1. Spirit Work
  2. Tarot
  3. Conjure
  4. Spell Crafting
  5. Spell Casting


  1. Vodou
  2. Demonology
  3. Kaballah
  4. Literally anything and everything. If you have links to pdfs please feel free to send them to me, I appreciate them.

Quotes :

"However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act upon them." -Buddha

We too often get lost in our study and forget that witchcraft is more than a study, it is a practice. Do not get so lost in words, that you forget the practical bits. Make mistakes or you'll never be great.

"Animism is the belief that it's not only humans that possess a spiritual entity but everything around us. And I've felt that often. The Earth is a grid; we are just a part of it. If we plug back into ourselves, it seems to work out in the best ways possible. If you follow your gut instincts and try to really look at any situation you're in for what it is, and peel back layers of what you're supposed to think and what you're supposed to be, you can guide yourself through life in a positive way." Tonya Tagaq

Hoodoo colors my beliefs here, as does my Christian background. Our ingredients and curios have their own energy and to say otherwise you would be disrespecting the tools and the spirits you are working with when you craft a working and act on it.

I add to these over time, as I stumble across them. They are intended to reflect my mindset, not facts.