Tarot Number Meaning's

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Tarot Number Meaning's
Post # 1

I was told that learning the tarot can be easier when learning the four elements and the meanings of the numbers from 1-9.

my question is, does the meanings of the numbers 1 - 9 refer to the suits such as wands,cups,swords,pentacles ? If so do the numbers also refer to the major arcana as well?

I also looked for these meanings online are the related to the numberology meansing of the numbers through 1 - 9. Or is there a whole numeric meaning for the tarot?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post,

Love & Light ,

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Re: Tarot Number Meaning's
Post # 2
Well no. At first, if you're just starting out on tarott, you should try to memoryze the meanings of each card. It'll give you a general idea of the cards and their meanings. But, ofc, such meanings may change, the meaning of the cards depends on the question, the card that it's paired with, etc.

If you really want to do tarott readings for other people and even yourself, i'd suggest you this book:

' Cartes et Destin ' by Alain Hadès. ( I think you can have the english version of it. )

This book is devided in to two parts.

The first part talks about tarot in general. Where it came from, its ' language ', the meaning of each seperated card, some easy spreads etc..

The second part talks about cartomancy, the meaning of it, how to use them and how to connect their meanings depending on the question.

I'd suggest you start out only with the major arcana, they are 21 cards yes, but it's easy for you to start out with.

With time you'll be able to let's say.. compreend the meaning of the cards by your own. Also, you should trust more on what your intuiton sais about a card. Has you'll practice and practice, eventually, you'll already know the meaning of it.

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Re: Tarot Number Meaning's
Post # 3

Thank you very much for your explanation/opinion's!

If anyone else has any anwsers to my question, I would greatly appreciate some other explanations/opinions !

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Re: Tarot Number Meaning's
Post # 4
Hello Nod,
When learning tarots cards in fact while learning anything, keep in mind that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. The thing about reading some self teach tarot books and articles is they try to make learning tarot cards faster and easier as their sell points almost like those homework exercise textbooks.
Although you still need to “learn“ the tarot cards I personally just dislike the way they try to teach it as if its a school course and they give you formulas and tricks to do it faster. Although this is useful for memorising, I feel like you miss out a lot, so like mentioned by someone else earlier, when learning the tarot cards, I think its best to just learn the meaning of each cards.
If you get what I mean.

To answer your questions though, yes the different suits do have their own element, correct me if I`m wrong but by looking at the court cards, Wands=fire, Cups=water, Swords=air and Pentacles=earth(or nature). Yes the numbers do hold a meaning for some particula cards, 1-9 however don`t always contain the same meaning everytime.

I hope this was helpful.
My personal favourite tarot deck is the Rider deck, simply because its so detailed and not too stylised where it becomes bias or lose meaning. Its a deck I would strongly suggest for beginners and it will be a part of your tarot learning journey all the way, so pick up a card and just look at it until a story begins to form.
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Re: Tarot Number Meaning's
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Well the current composition of the tarot was formulated by the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn and therefore is qabalistic in it's design.

1-10 of the small cards refers to the ten sephiroth of the tree of life. The four suits refer to the four worlds of qabalah: Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. This corresponds to YHVH which in turn refers to:

H- Heh(final)- Earth-Discs.

Therefore the two of cups is the sephirah of chokmah expressed in the world of Briah. Of course on top of this, the cards are mapped on to astrological patterns and these must also be taken into account. Any reference to numerology other than the qabalah is a modern interpretation of the cards, not a wrong one, just not the intended.

Now the 22 trumps refer to the 22 paths on the tree of life

The court cards refer to the God name YHVH and the four worlds where they reside on the tree.
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