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Name: Hadit220
Birthday: Jun 9 1995
Location: Lancashire, UK.
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Welcome to my profile. There is no term to describe my practice, it is what I make it. I have been exploring occultism of various strains for the past 8 years and have taken from various places. My main practice is traditional witchcraft combined with ritual magic as derived from Hermetic Orders such as the Golden Dawn, and also the A.'.A.'..

I have experience in many areas, however, my areas of interest at the moment are traditional witchcraft, mysteries of the Sabbatic craft, Enochian magic, and Qabalah. I am happy to help those who need it, but I insist on prior research, intelligence, the capability to learn for oneself, and a readable message. If any of these things are not present, neither shall my reply be present.

The link on my profile is to my etsy store where I offer various divination readings.