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Med. & spirit presence

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Med. & spirit presence
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Med. & spirit presence
Post # 1
Long time ago, I was trying to Astral Project wih a breathing technique-it is used in meditation too. I remember a guy from Astral form (alive) was helping me to do it, but I was Completely unaware of it...

After some seconds, I got a presence while doing this. That was the first spirit presence I felt in my life!! It was amazing feeling, I was also able to hear him breath..I thought mentally though how spirits breath?...
Anyway, I got a mental image of a guy next to me, a cartoon character image. This is extrmely weird because I never ever watch cartoon..I just hate them.

Even if I have meditated and tried to AP later, I never felt Any spirit presence. Why does this happens??
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Re: Med. & spirit presence
By: / Novice
Post # 2
... ok... first i'm sure you've seen cartoons. you may not like cartoons but you've seen them, even as a small child i'm sure you saw at least one cartoon, so seeing a cartoon this this state would probably be subconscious. the cartoon image could also be an exaggeration and to be interpreted like a dream, as a symbol, not an actual being.

spirit breathing is unusual but not impossible as many people have heard spirits/demons/astral beings 'breathing'. don't know why but there have been reports of this happening.

as to why you suddenly saw a spirit while trying to project its because of your mental and spiritual state at that moment. when we project we relax to a point of semi-consciousness and allow our astral self to project out. it is such a spiritual state of being one would have an easier time connecting to a spirit. this is why many say you should meditate before spirit work so you're in the right mindset.
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Re: Med. & spirit presence
Post # 3
Yes you're right! Yes, when was younger I have seen some..it seemed weird though because I have years to watch, or from last summer (and that summer one day maximum)..kinda... But anyway.

It is weird, I thought spirits don't have lungs there to breath, they don't need to..
This vuy didn't tell me, I discoverer it about two weaks later...

Yes I know why I sensed that spirit (I just sensed him, didn't saw him)... However, the question I asked is not why I sensed him, but why I don't sense any spirits when I am into this kind of meditation. I always try this kind/technique of meditation, but never sense spirits.
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Re: Med. & spirit presence
By: / Novice
Post # 4
One, spirits don't have vocal chords but they talk to us. I don't know why but a theory I have is the spirit is mimicking sounds.

As to why you probably never contacted a spirit until now you might of been too focused on the outcome. Sometimes you need to let things be. Forcing yourself to think or act a certain way usually ends in failure. Better to relax. It is disheartening when you're hoping for something but it doesn't happen, but just because it didn't happen once doesn't mean it never will. Another possibly is there were no spirits around you at the time, or they didn't feel like talking.
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Re: Med. & spirit presence
Post # 5
Yes, you're right... I didn't expect that, that night to happen..however I wrote a letter to my spirit guides earlier before I try...

I don't know, but spirit guides have always been around me..or almost always, when I've been meditating. I have seen my spirit guide's hands in vissions two times, when I was meditating... One when I was working on my third eye, and the other while I was at vibrational state. I have never felt their precense though.
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