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Aura is our life energy. It is a power of our soul. In different places and times aura has been used by us humans. In Chinese it is called Chi, in Japanese it is called Ki and in English it is called Aura.

It is my theory.please read it

About four thousand years ago, in China people used this power. They used to call aura ‘Chi’. From that time or maybe even before aura has been used by humans. As time passed many uses of aura has been discovered as well as new powers like psi,magic,soul powers. From even early times Quran and Kufur was used. But for direct combat this aura power got the most popularity. Aura gives humans the power to change the rules of reality itself. This power gave peace to many nations, countries as well as made war and destruction. Using this power some nation got erased completely from history. With aura they destroyed the nations in such way that nothing remained there. That is why we cannot grasp what happened in past completely nor find much remains.

But humans wanted peace. Slowly nations made such rules that only military and higher ups could use aura. A small peace was made. As time passed aura got more hidden and slowly aura got completely hidden.

Humans are beings of curiosity. They then started to observe nature going deeper and deeper. They then gave birth of science. Also using chemistry science made such accomplishes that captured people hearts. Science made life easier. It brought comfort to humans. Thing that were thought to be impossible were made possible by science. Even now in 21th century science un developing more and more. But now The use of Aura is almost forgotten.

Even now China hold the secret of aura. But it can only found in old martial arts schools which is covered in dust. Some people connected to spiritual being again learned the existence of aura. But using wrong methods they can’t achieve proper results. In internet so many wrong method are being could say Even now aura is hidden. But if aura were again used by people a scary disaster is sure to born.

Now some questions one may normally ask.
What is aura?
How aura is created?
How aura gets out of our body?
What can aura do?

Aura is our life energy. It is created by our body cells. It travels through our veins or nerves. Not correctly know because cannot do experiments. I call these pathways ‘Aura Nodes’. Through our aura nodes aura gets into or organs and through our skin holes it gets out of our body. Aura can get out by almost all parts of our body.

Aura is our life energy which is very strange and amusing. This substance has no Physical rules to bind it. It totally depends on the user. If the user thinks aura can pass through objects aura will be able to. If one thinks aura to be fire it can be can transform to almost anything. But not everyone has same talents. Some are good at powering body parts, some are good at using aura as projectile weapons, some good at transforming, some at conjuring various things, some at manipulating things with aura, some whose power is unique. These aura talents are decided from the time of a human’s birth. Living through various environments can put changes in their talents.

But I have put them in some categories.
I put them in six classes.
Enhancers: They can enhance their physical body, objects in various manners using aura. They are most suited for direct combat. Some can enhance their regeneration and healing processes to heal.
Transmitters: They can transform their aura to various substances or maybe something none existing very easily. Their powers are unique and can reflect that person’s personality.
Emitters: They use aura as projectile weapons or emitting aura and using them various ways. As aura gets far is slowly disperses slowly on its own. But emitters can keep their aura away from their body for long time.
Manipulators: They can manipulate objects, livings etc. using aura and using rules and condition. They can manipulate their aura itself. Their powers are various. To manipulate they make various rules and sometimes put them at risk. But the stronger the risk and rules the much better is the manipulation.
Conjurers: They can conjure object physical or something from their imagination. The most that is special in those conjured objects are that they can put rules in those objects. By combining rules and restriction they can make perfect conjuration.
Specialists: They are special aura users whose power is completely unique. In history some of their names are written. They are called as super humans in public.

In this website many people mistakes or for our eyes side sight and many more.

I know how to use the aura using the correct method.but it is something i learned after learning researching much so i will keep it myself.

i hope everyone found it interesting.Do comment please.
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Re: Aura
Post # 2
i need to find out about getting raid of neg. Aura someone LITERALLY keeps sending to me. I know who it is but they keep passing by my house and doing it. It have made me dizzy and sick for years. I just found out because i LITERALLY saw them with my eyes and on camera. This person say they like me. I divorced my Husband but got back with him because we kept fighting. I know why NOW but he continues to do it although we do not fight anymore it makes my cat sick and miserable. I live in constant pain. This is love. No this person is plain evil. Any help I can get will be appreciated. Thanks Jewelz
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Re: Aura
Post # 3
you want to get rid of negative energy?negative energy is made when negative intent is made.

i believe you know who it is.then settle it yourself.try to tell that person to stop.if that person doesnt stop then i would suggest you to beat that person seriously with some peoples help.negative energy is very harmful if one keeps using on a person.
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Re: Aura
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Hi, I consider myself a beginner in magic and I read here on this website once that a person can reduce negative aura by taking a shower and I tried it. It seemed to have worked the first time and I felt really great, but when I tried it again it seemed as though I didn't get the same feeling as I had gotten the first time. I don't know what I did differently though.

Blessed be.
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Re: Aura
Post # 5
when someone uses aura on a person that pierces the body inside or stick to the body.but after showering it gets washed from the body.maybe next time it pierced your body inside.

also it is not easy to create negative energy.people can create it with intent but mostly spirits create it and cause trouble.normal human emotions can not create negative energy.
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Re: Aura
Post # 6
Wait I thought Aura, Qi and Chakra were all different energies we all harbor.

From my understanding Aura is outside our bodies (according to my research) that is like three bodies of aura, well depending on the individual or entity.

Qi is basically energy inside our body going by "Jing" an energy our body has until death then along the Qi is the circles or "gates" whatever you wanna call them... are our Chakra.

Chakra is just...

1 Top of the head (Spirit)
2 Behind the Lower Forehead (Third Eye, Perception)
3 Throat (Communication)
4 Center Mass - Heart (Emotions)
5 Solar Plexus (Initiative, Expressions of Power)
6 Belly (Survival, Living Situation)
7 Base of Torso between the Legs (Reproduction, Primal expression)

Minor chakras etc.
--Not Commonly Believed in-- Between the Feet (Grounding)
--Commonly Believed in, but not Commonly Worked as Major -- Palm where the Hand bends (Working, Giving and Receiving)

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