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Seeing Ghosts
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My Japanese friends would go all out in order to
come into contact with ghosts. Some of their
games may be harmful and dangerous when
played alone. If one wishes to really experience
with spiritual world, the best way is using
water as a media. Below is the how-to: This game ideally played between midnight to
3am. It is best if the place is a known haunted
place and there must be a container big enough
to let an adult to lay in it. A bathtub will do, but a
quiet pond or lake with clear water is best. Say
that you have found a bathtub in a haunted hotel, and then fill the bathtub with water at
midnight. The water level should be able to
submerge yourself when lying flat in the
face up. First, perform a simple conjuration, or
just utter some sentences provoking spirits in the vicinity.
You may say something like: Come out! I am
not afraid of you After a few rounds of
calling, take a deep breath
and submerge yourself fully into the water.
Keep yourself in the water as long as you can. After
some try, you should be able to hear some
whispering noises near your ears. If you open
your eyes, you too shall see various shadows
from under the water upwards. Do not panic at
this point, for if you panic; the water may enter your lung and there is a
of drowning. Another lesser dangerous method
is the Chinese
style of lying in a grave hole. First one must go
to a graveyard and find an already dug out grave hole. It may be a new
hole dug out for next days funeral service; or
may be an old grave that was dug out for some
reasons. Now, you should bring some joss
papers (for door opening), a pair of white candles and some
incense. At the grave hole, you should light the
candles and incense and then throw some joss
papers into the air. If the joss papers are blown
away by the wind; then this is an indication
that spirits are around. At this point, please do so and enter and lay flat
in the grave hole with your face up. Relax and
slowly you should hear some noise around the
grave hole, if you are lucky, you may see some
white figures hovering above the grave too.
People believe that those are spirits visiting their new neighbors. For best result, it is best
if you can lie in a real
coffin wearing the traditional Chinese funeral
clothing! That is, if you are really brave enough
of course. I am not in a position to say which
method works best, but I dislike the idea of being
submerged in water that would bring one a
step closer to come face to face with death.
Again, please dont try these rituals. All risks
on you.
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Re: Seeing Ghosts
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Very Interesting i have not seem rituals like this before. May i ask were did you find them at?

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Re: Seeing Ghosts
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my Japanese friend found this spell in book of magic. they send that book to me so i posted here.
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