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What Does it Mean?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► What Does it Mean?
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What Does it Mean?
Post # 1
So, I just had this nightmare. When I woke up, I was literally shaking in fear, so I know it's bad. Can anyone tell me what it might mean?

I was coming home from school and I when I was walking over to the kitchen to do my homework, I saw my cat, Tashy on the couch, with only part of her body showing. When I was done my homework, I saw that there were TWO Tashies on the couch and I was like, "What the- if Tashy is here, then who is THAT?!". So I picked up the first Tashy and it had a belt on and the belt had a black and red badge on it. Around the belt there were several gadgets(I don't exactly remember which gadgets were there). And I said to my brother, "Ok, this is really weird. We have to tell mom and dad about this."

Then this is the dream I had a few days later:

I got home from school and my parents were on the couch, so I decided to tell them about what happened with 'Spy Tashy', but they didn't believe me. We watched the news and the reporter said, "There is a group of spies in town who can disguise as anyone they choose. The one main difference is that all spies will have a belt with a red and black badge. We do not yet know what the group wants, but we know that they do not have good intentions for us.". I was so relieved and proud of myself for identifying a spy. But I guess I wouldn't have done it without the real Tashy jumping on the same couch as the imposter. I said to my parents, "See?! I told you! There was a spy!" I went over to the other couch where 'Tashy' was sitting and picked her up. It was the imposter again. "Look! We never even knew the imposter got in our house!" I knew I had to be especially careful with my emails and calls because anyone could be a spy.

I think the thing that scared me the most was the fact that the spies could be anywhere and anyone. If anyone can tell me what the dream(s) mean, that would be great. Please tell me soon because I'm not going back to sleep until I find out.
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Re: What Does it Mean?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I think it means you have a vivid imagination, and your hippocampus was very active that night.
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Re: What Does it Mean?
Post # 3

It sounds like it could be a warning to look out for deception, being spied on, having someone close be untrustworthy or not what they seem to be, and you could have a big realisation or something of the sorts. If it's not that, it sure sounds like one heck of a dream.

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