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Maybe a hex?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Maybe a hex?
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Maybe a hex?
Post # 1
Good morning,
I'm not sure if this is where I should put this but here it goes...
My daughter and her boyfriend have split. He broke up with her because he is having a lot of family problems and he is being pulled in every direction by his parents and family. And he couldn't find time to spend with her. (They are teenagers.) So he felt that it wasn't fair to her so he broke up with her. They have been best friend for over 2 years and they are extremely close. He knew that she wouldn't let him go without a fight, so he told her he wasn't feeling the relationship anymore, that he lost feelings for her. And that he never cared. (Which everyone who knows him knows that was a lie. The boy didn't go day or any where without her on his mind or talking to her.)They are very much in love.
But here is the thing, he broke up with her and said that he still wants to be friends because he needs her in his life.(Like look right now isn't good for us, but give it sometime and we will be back together,just stay in my life and be just mine). But she was so angry at his words that she doesn't even talk to him. So they get nasty with words at each other.
But recently, my daughter has been experiencing some strange things like:
1. If she tries to ignore him and not think about him, she suddenly gets this pounding headache so bad. Then he will pop into her head. Once she starts to think about him it goes away instantly.
2. If she tries to talk to another boy her back starts to hurt to where she can't almost stand anymore. Only when she moves away from him does the pain go as well. But shes left feeling tried and bet up.
3. When she sees him her whole body hurts and she starts to skiver(like it's 40° below zero) and sweat(like its 100° and humid), (even if she's in the warmest room, her friends have witnessed this happening). Its like she has the need to be next to him. (But she doesn't want that right now.) It only stops when she gives in and looks at him. And again left feeling beat up and tried.
4. When she hears his voice, her throat starts to burn and she has trouble breathing. (So she walks away from him quickly.)
5. He is in her dreams every night, even if she's dreaming of something else, he pops in there, always, always telling her that he loves her and misses her.
So I was wondering if I'm the only one who thinks this boy or someone he knows has put a hex on her. He does know(or should say his dad knows) alot of people who like us practice in magic. So it would be easy for him to acquire such a thing. I mean I know he loves her and she loves him. He doesn't want to be apart from her, but right now the timing isn't good for them. She is having family issues as well. But he also doesn't want to let her go either. He wants her to stay in his life. He has already told her best friend this. That he can't lose her. But at the same time they fight and he says so many mean things which makes her not want to even look at him. Then he gets upset over it. This whole thing is just crazy. And just so you know, my daughter does love him and wants him back. Just he keeps pissing her off. So that will have to work it's self through.
But if he or someone else has put a hex her, for her health benefit and mental health I want it off. Does anyone know how. I know it won't be easy but it's making her insane. Please hopefully someone can help.

Gaia (a mom)
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Re: Maybe a hex?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I honestly doubt this is a hex. It sounds more like teenage hormones and drama and anxiety. A lot of the "symptons" you described sound a lot like an anxiety attack. This is pretty normal for a teenager in a high stress situation. You just need to be there for her, and you could consider counseling for the anxiety.

If you are honestly worried about a hex, cleanse your home, get her to do a self cleansing. That will help get rid of any negative energy, and it might help some with her stress levels.

I wish you the best.

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Re: Maybe a hex?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Personally I doubt it's a hex, a lot of these symptoms occur when you are under a great deal of stress, the breakup has probably done that to her.

The throat hurting could be her holding back tears, the dreams are reasonably normal for someone who was in love, etc.

As Rhisa said if you are positive its a hex, cleanse, but I think it will all pass.

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Re: Maybe a hex?
Post # 4
As said above it sounds like genuine stress above anything else.

If you do think it´s a hex still, have her either drink chamomile or lavender tea or place the herbs in a calming bath. Also sprinkle rosemary in main rooms where the afflictions occured.
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Re: Maybe a hex?
Post # 5
Just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate the feed back. I have taken my child to the doctor and they cannot find anything wrong. They are running blood work (of course, lols). But she has recently took me since the break up see has been hearing and seeing a dog in her room a night. And she sometimes feels like something is sleeping in her bed with her and that it pushes her up against the edge of her bed up against the window (her bed in near the windows in her room). She it never tries to hurt her. It doesn't seem to like her dad. It has run at him a couple of time already. So wondering if it's trying to protect her but at the same time, taking her energy force. Got to look into that . Oh by the way we have no dog, two cats. One sleeps in her room, she will hiss but then will lay down and sleep after awhile.
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Re: Maybe a hex?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I have only just recently started researching spirit animals. While the dog itself may have significant meaning elsewhere, it may also be that she is drawn to seeing this animal as it is her spirit animal-especially since it is not appearing in a threatening nature (ie. laying on the bed with her, unsure of people coming near her) But that area is new to me so I wouldn't be able to confirm this for sure. Perhaps someone else with more knowledge on that subject can assist you.

The draining of her energy could be a lot of things. It would take work but I would have her try to practice recognizing situations that are causing her stress and anxiety and have her work on grounding herself. I sometimes will use a physical object (grounding stones or other object I can keep in my pocket and physically hold in my hand.) By focusing her energy into the object and visualizing her connection to the earth and surroundings and working on shielding this may help with her anxiety attacks and mentally shield her from having others drain her energy.

The best visualization I can use is, picture that she casts a line to each person she meets during the day, if she can not sever the line (or cord) she is now walking around with cords pulling her energy in all directions. It sounds like the ex-boyfriend is a significant cord for her and if she realizes it or not, she is still casting out a cord to him. When she works on grounding, she needs to visualize cutting the cords and letting go. Its easier said then done, but hopefully it will help with her stress. I hope you and her find some relief.
Good luck.
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