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Name: DawningFox
Birthday: Nov 13 1987
Location: Fredericksburg Va.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 12 Apr 2017
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Personal Bio
Eclectic Pagan. I have been studying/practicing since 2005.
I mainly work with Egyptian deities.
I have also come to learn Medicine and Tarot Cards. I may do readings if asked.
I have a Native American Medicine Card Deck
I also have a Black Cat tarot, Pagan Cat, Goddess, Zombie, Fairy tarot, Halloween Oracle, Shadowscape Tarot, Robin Wood, Justice League tarot, as well as a Sherlock Holmes deck.
My favored element to work with is Water.
I have been working with a Wolf spirit for several years, and a Wyvern that I am still working to communicate strongly with.
My greater strengths to work in are:
Candle magicks
Kitchen Witchery
Mojo Bags
Protective warding
Folk Magick
Medicine card readings
Varying mythos
Astral projections.
I am always willing to learn about anything, and take in various views on subjects I am versed in.
On a lighter note, I have 3 cats, love to game (Video and board), read, and listen to music and watch Japanese shows.