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Love Spells, their effect
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I know for a fact that love spells are a controversial topic on this site. They come up all the time, with people publicly in the forums and privately in the mail bugging the community at large about them, it gets pretty seriously tiresome. For anyone wondering, as it has been said many many times, they just simply do not work the way you want them to.

Many people on the site have first-hand experience with this. It either goes completely dud and nothing happens (if you are very lucky), or you push them further away or create weird tensions and awkwardness between you, or, some would say worst-case-scenario, they suddenly get this weird, frantic and most of all fake attachment to you that ruins the reason you liked them in the first place and can be really hard to shake off.

What I want to say is that this happens solely when you aim the spell at a particular person for a particular outcome. When you do this, you screwing with the strongest driving force for all life that there is. And it is stronger than you, and wants to do what it wants to do, not what you tell it.

Plus you get bad Karma points for messing with someone else's free will, which opens you up for backlash even more.

My advice for anyone considering a love spell is to leave specific people alone. There is a reason, larger than you, that that person is not meant for you at that time, and you are pretty much just asking for trouble if you try to go against that flow with magic(k).

But all is not lost!

I, from personal experience, can tell you that with a slight change in your intent, a love spell can be the best thing you ever did.

Just ask for the right person for you.

That's all! Be non-specific and just ask the universe or the Gods or whomever/whatever you're asking to bless you with the right lover for you, for this time in your life.

I want to be very clear about this too, the person you get may not be the one you stay with forever, which is sad, but true, especially if you are young. However, they will be the right one for you for the time.

When I was twelve or thirteen I cast a sweet little spell for true love, I can't remember it exactly but I reckon it came from "Mind, Body, Spirit" magazine and involved carving a loveheart into an apple. When I was fourteen I met my first ever proper boyfriend, Declan. We were both goths and we had our first kiss in a graveyard ( :') ), and we were together for a very long time by teen standards, only breaking up when I moved away when we were sixteen, 2 years later, and we are still friends to this day (even though he's really "scene" now :P ).

It was a beautiful relationship, real, genuine, honest-to-goodness true love even though we were so young, and I don't regret a single tiny moment of it. And whereas most people talk about or remember their "first time" with embarrassment or regret, I only remember mine fondly, and that in and of itself should be a big enough deal to convince you all. Otherwise sorry for too much information.

My point is, love spells are not inherently bad or always destined to go wrong, but love is a powerful force and should be treated with respect, or it will smack you righteously, right where it hurts.


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