Cleansing ritual

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Cleansing ritual
Post # 1
Hello everybody,

Can you suggest an easy and fast cleansing ritual that can be done to me and also to the house I live? How will I understand if I failed and also if had success? Also if it is needed, my elements are fire and water.
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Re: Cleansing ritual
Post # 2
Hello. I got an easy spell to clean your chakras, and give to you new fresh energy.
Join your palms together and repeat 7 times:

"Seven chakras open and bright, cleanse The soul and feed The light"

After this you may feel fresh air within you, or warm, we all feel diferent things, but you have to feel energy crossing your body.

And this one is to purify your house. It's a ritual recommended to be done on saturday, but maybe your will may broke this advice! You need a white candle, any Incense, a table and a white cloth to cover The table. Set The altar, light candle and Incense. Sit, stand or kneel (be comfortable) and chant along 10 min:

Ond eft sway same geliornodon;......

Be sure not to be interrupted, i advice doing it at 12:00 o clock, p.m. or a.m.
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Re: Cleansing ritual
Post # 3
Burn sage easiest and best way there is for minor things that arn't actual curses. As for clensing your self their are special baths or you could simple mediate.
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Re: Cleansing ritual
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Sage smudge is the easiest, you can also mix sea salt and water and sprinkle it around your house. Whatever method remember to charge energy and visualize positive energy dispelling negative energy. [Usually visualized as a white light for positive energy and shadows or tar for negative energy] once you're done, cast a protection spell or hang a protection charm by your front door to keep the negative energy out. Of course over time negative energy will return but there are ways to reduce the negative energy.
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Re: Cleansing ritual
Post # 5
As others have said, Sage burning is a popular. The sea salt water spray is one that I have come to use frequently.
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Re: Cleansing ritual
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

Sit on the floor in lotus position with your palms on the floor and meditate. Visualize and feel yourself drawing energy from the floor of your house and you should intuitively decide if this is good energy or if it needs cleansing.

For cleansing, you can alternatively do a little kitchen magic. For example, bake a loaf of bread representing your home with rosemary, sage, parsley, and thyme. Charge it with your energy and intent to purify, then set it somewhere you feel the energy will flow into your home by contagion. You could also boil purification herbs in water with sea salt and sprinkle the brew around your house.

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