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Name: Ogma
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Hello, I am Ogma. I am learning about different magical traditions and paths including Druidry, Hermeticism, Kaballah, Shamanism, curanderismo, ancient pagan religions, Asian mysticism, wicca, brujaria, hoodoo, pagan reconstructionist religions. I was previously studying Wicca, but now I feel more drawn Druidry. I agree with a lot of its teachings and I believe nature is sacred and that all things are connected and divine. I also like norse and celtic paganism.

I am also interested in my Celtic heritage but I am still new to the religion. I don't think I'm experienced enough to call myself a Druid yet, but now Im studying Gods, Trees, Ogham, Wood and Bone Amulets, Divination, Magic Symbols, Witchcraft, Herbs, Crystals and Gems, Healing, Journeying, astral projection, astrology, kitchen magic, candle magic

Note: If you ask for quick clarification about magic in mail I will try to help. However if you try to involve me in some situation in your life that you think calls for magic, I will judge the ethics of what you are asking me to do, I will suggest mundane courses of action before magical ones, and I will suggest you learn the basics and how magic works before talking about spells. I do not perform magic for people on this site.

I'm also a gamer, and recently I've been listening to Black veil brides, You me at six, Bring me the Horizon, Fall out boy, all time low and Asking Alexandria

from www.druidry.org:

Druidry is a vital and dynamic nature spirituality that is flourishing all over the world. It unites our love of the earth with our love of creativity and the arts. Flowing through all the exciting new developments in modern druidism is the power of an ancient tradition: The love of land, sea and sky - The love of the earth our home.

About common herbs


If you need to get in touch mail me here, or I can give you my email if I know you well.

I do not / will not have: skype, facebook, snapchat, or whatsapp

I had a twitter but never used it and forgot the password years ago

Mail asking me to cast spells will be ignored.