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Herbs & Witchcraft

Forums ► Herbalism ► Herbs & Witchcraft
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Herbs & Witchcraft
Post # 1
Most witches believe that everything has magickal properties, so I'm throwing this article out there for new witches on a budget. (I feel you!) This is a discussion so that other people can add to this or ask questions.

1. If you want to use herbs for your craft, check your backyard first! Save yourself some money and see what's already growing in your area. (I'll provide you a short list of common plants at the end of this.)
2. If all else fails and you can't find what you need, visit the spice aisle of a grocery store. There you can find dill, bay leaves, black pepper, basil, garlic, onion, cayenne pepper, and many other useful herbs spells often mention.
3. I would not recommend going to a witch shop unless you're looking for an extremely rare herb you feel drawn to. (For me it was dragon's blood.) What you can get for under a dollar at the grocery store they nearly double the price for at a witch shop.

Now, here are some common plants you can use in your craft, what they mean, and how to dry them (the easy way.)

Oak - Oak trees are supposedly the most sacred of all trees. They represent luck, masculinity, consecration, protection, and power.

Pine -Pine trees represent money, fresh starts and clean breaks.

Ash - Ash trees promote peace, protection, sea magick, and healing.

Cedar - Cedar gives confidence, protection, and power.

Goldenrod - Goldenrod represents prosperity and happiness. (It is especially beautiful this time of year.)

Dandelion - Dandelion leaves improve divination, and the flowers are said to increase fertility.

Rosemary - I know a lot of moms like to grow rosemary in their gardens, so here is a list of some of the things it can do. Rosemary promotes healing, encourages love, and is often used for purification and consecration. Dare I say this, but I believe in the appropriate setting you can use rosemary instead of sage for smudging.

Bay Leaves - Bay leaves are a common kitchen spice and are my recommended go-to herb for divination. The Greeks thought that chewing the leaves or inhaling the smoke brought about visions.

Violet - The violets that grow in your yard have great healing properties and also improve divination.

Black Pepper - Black pepper is my recommended go-to herb for protection and driving away negativity.

Magnolia - I know not all of you are lot lucky enough to have a magnolia tree in your yard, and I sure wish I did. These pretty decorative trees have to do with marriage, happiness, and fertility.

Dogwood - Dogwood trees have to do with communication, laughter, and persuasion. Carry dogwood to help with your communication skills.

Holly - Holly also has to do with happiness, marriage, and of course Yule, but one thing that surprised me was its ties to masculinity. (I gave some of this to a transguy to help him in his transition.)

So this is the list so far, feel free to add on to it in the comments! Not all of this is set into stone, of course. There are different interpretations of what the herbs do, but most of them are similar. Try to think of which definition resounds with you and follow it! Good luck my fellow witches!
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Re: Herbs & Witchcraft
Post # 2
Drying Herbs:

Most articles about drying herbs will tell you to hang them upside down for a few weeks, but here is an easier way to do it.

1. Tape them inside 2 paper plates. (Make sure no air can get through.)
2. After about a week, take them out, and there you have it, dried herbs!

I tried this for a huge four leaf clover in second grade. It lasted for years!
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Re: Herbs & Witchcraft
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
There are, literally, thousands of herbs used in witchcraft. (Or, Science, as it is now called!). Even today,new medicinal herbs are being found in remote areas of the world.
Two of the most common herbs used in witchcraft since ancient times are Meadowsweet and Pennyroyal. Meadowsweet is a great healer!
I will not say what Pennyroyal was used for! I'll just say that it was against the Law in most countries! It still is in Britain!
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Re: Herbs & Witchcraft
Post # 4
Wow, great information. Thank you for sharing. I am very interested in herbs and I'm on a tight budget. I can't wait to go see what we have around here in Southeast Texas. I'm also planning on growing my own herbs this spring. Thank you again for the info...

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Re: Herbs & Witchcraft
Post # 5
Thanks! Great stuff!
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Re: Herbs & Witchcraft
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
another herb that everyone probly knows is doc leafs. used for getting rid of nettle stings.

also its not a herb but vinegar can be used to help with bee or wasp stings

elderberry- can be used for making wine

lavender. if you take it and put it under your pillow it is supposed to help sleeping but I'm not sure if that is true.

pine needles- can be used for pine needle tea

nettles- can be used to make a soup

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