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Post # 1
So, I tried to meditate to reach trance state. I crossed legs and fingers but I was 't going good with it becuase after short time my hands didn't feel heavy but something kinda like that but I could easily move them.. Then I felt my mucles on my back, lime they should relax but then the possition of my body wasn't very well.
So I layed in bed without ever a pillow.

I startd the breathing thing. In a really short time my breathing started to become shorter and shorter.. Now, so.ethig weird hapenned. With my eyes closed, sometime I heard in my ears something like an explotion! But it was realy really slrt! Less than a second! But I heard it cleary. I then opened my eyes without moving my body at all and for some weird reason when I closed them a tear felt from my right eye..out of nowhere.. My eyes didn't have any problem or something. And I felt something..like scare or fear I don't remeber cleary.

So then I was relxing more and more. Then I was feeling kinda heavy but I coud really easily move my hands or anythig else. Then I remember my foot and my hand shaled archoze.. I know that this state happens when someone entering into dreams. But I wasn't dreamig it was just happening. I still could really easily to move my body parts. I was feeling then more heavy but I still could move..but I didn't.

Then someone got it so I stoped. Like I "woke up" (I didn't fall asleep). Was that a good sign? I mean if I continued I could reach the trance state??
Thanks everyone :)
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Re: Meditation
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Firstly was this your first time meditating [or you're very new to it] because your body might of been adjusting to everything. You need to be comfortable, if sitting crossed legged isn't comfortable for you [it isn't for me] you need to didn't a postion that is otherwise you'll loose circulation and therefore focus.

Your short breaths could be you relaxing or it could of been you pushing yourself. You can't force yourself into deep meditation, it takes time. Meditation is about relaxation, you can't just tell yourself to relax and you will be, it takes time. Start slow with ten slow deep breathes, the next day try meditating for a minute, the day afterwards two minutes, and so on. Also don't get discouraged if you can't shut off all your thoughts, the key is to let them flow by [if the thought 'do I have homework' enters your mind, focus on your breathing instead of recalling your day to see if you do]

Finally, you will hear and see stuff just keep going. Your mind is working through things. Hearing sounds is also normal, there's noise pollution everywhere so a few minutes in silence usually results in hearing noises that aren't their. It's your ears adjusting, I sometimes hear a ringing or humming.
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Re: Meditation
By: / Novice
Post # 3
As usual, Nekoshema is right.

I would meditate laying flat on your back. Crossing legs and fingers is not relaxing.

What may help too is "feeling" your body being supported by the floor or the bed or whatever, like feel it supporting you...this will help relax your muscles.

Anyways, sounds like youre off to a good and kind of interesting start.

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Re: Meditation
Post # 4
In the beginning I was with crossed legs and arms. Then I layed on bed. All the things happened to bed. And I am really new to this.

Really, I wasn't pushing my self at all. My breathing got shorter and shorter and everytime I tried to make it las larger. So every time it was getting shorter I started to breath and count until five, and then breath out the air until five. Then it was when I felt I was pushing my self!

And I was wondering "how my breathing got so short so fast?" Then I was feeling heavy but as I said I had still the full control, and yes maybe my brain or body is adjusting. But everything hapenned so quickly! Everything hapenned quickly and automaticaly, like I know what I had to do, amazing!! It didn't took long time at all!
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Re: Meditation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I definitely cannot argue with the above two posters!

One thing that may help keep from being distracted -- especially if you start hearing more loud booms -- is finding understanding. That way, you can know in stead of wondering, and it will not distract you so much.

There is something called exploding head syndrome (I'm definitely not making that up!)

It is basically an auditory -- I'd hate to call it a hallucination -- effect which happens to some people when they are on the verge of sleep, or tired, or when they are meditating. They will hear loud noises, sometimes akin to explosions (hence the name), or voices sometimes.

It leads, in my opinion, back to the advice of observing thoughts while meditating, and not simply trying to quit thinking: Some have advised to understand that your thoughts are not you. Neither are your emotions. You can come to a point of observing and acknowledging a thought, and letting it go on its way without getting involved, or following where it may lead you.

It's something I sometimes struggle with, for certain. But I digress. The 'exploding head syndrome' sounds are not you, not part of you. If you let them go, you will be able to move past them.
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