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Post # 1
Hello, this might be a strange question for some but I would really be very grateful for the answer from someone with lots of knowledge about spirituality. Do you think Hell exists? Because even though I personally left organised religion (christianity) long time ago and my personal belief tells me It does not sometimes I dtill get some fears Because of my upbringing It could be part of my OCD I would like to hear your opinion and advice how to erase the fear. And I would be grateful for being objective in the answer. I'm sure lots of you are psychic, mediums and talk to spirits and entities. Regardless of what we believe in our lives on Earth, after we die there must be something that happens objectievely to everyone regardless of what their belief was. I personally came to think that reincarnation is the most logical answer and the idea of eternal torure doesn't make sense because it would mean infinite punishment for finite crime and besides that punishment is given to people for the reason, so they could learn some lesson and idea of eternal torture eliminates this reason. I'm just a bit confused and would appreciate guidance from someone wise :)
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Re: Hell
Post # 2
The Hebrews, before the New Testament, used wrds like Sheol and Gehenna to describe the place of the departed dead. Hades was used largely by the New Testament Christians, which I'm sure Hellenic practitioners can corroborate in saying that is is not the modern, Christian idea of Hell. I don't think that a place of infinite suffering exists outside of waiting lines in Walmart. I believe Hell exists, but that it is just the home of Demons. I don't believe it is a place like that.
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Re: Hell
By: / Novice
Post # 3
what happens after death is unknown [spiritually speaking] so no one can give you a 100% answer. do some soul searching and draw your own conclusion.

in regards to hell, it is a Christian concept, so as a non Christian i personally don't believe there is a hell, or a heaven for that matter [i believe in reincarnation] hell [and heaven] is a place your spirit goes after death for reward or punishment depending on how you lived your life. other religions feel your rewarded or punished in this lifetime [say something hurtful to your sibling, you stub your toe, sort of thing] or your next reincarnation will be your reward or punishment. and then there are those who believe we just end at death with no afterlife to speak of.
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Re: Hell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Hell is a human concept very obviously wrapped around human ideals, morals, values, etc. Although the idea of purgatory has been an explanation for the restless and distressed spirits that roam the earth which we encounter as "hauntings". It's a belief that is present by various names world wide and way before Christianity. Even reincarnation such as in Buddhism believed you can reincarnate into a " hungry ghost ". New Agers like to think it's human life to human life only but that isn't the original ancient concept.

Obviously, there is a right and wrong way to live, and the wrong way leads to self torment, the same as it does here and can be seen in mental hospitals, but it's not wrapped up in " sins ". The evidence points to it being more centralized with living without regret and taking care of issues now. Death won't solve them.
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