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Newbies: SoM Spell Advice

Forums ► Welcome ► Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
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Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
Post # 1
Hello again, newcomers:

I'm sure that you have seen the large SoM spell tab at the top of the website. I wanted to give some general advice on how to approach this spell page.

Yes, there is a large selection of spells. Please note that anyone from anywhere can post a post on the site. That being said, sections like the Fantasy and Trick spells will hold a majority of fluff work. I personally do not recommend looking at those types of sections if you are looking for a spell or ritual to cast because the majority of spells in those sections are fluffy and fictional.

If you are looking at spells on the site as an example of how to write your own spell, always look at the bottom of the page for the stars. Always find a spell with a five star rating as a writing example. Typically, these spells posted were genuinely written by an SoM member for public use.

If you are looking for a spell to use for your own use, be cautious. This is the Internet. No one knows what the writer's true intention was for writing and posting the spell on the site. If a required ingredient, chant, or action makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable, then that is a positive sign not to follow through on borrowing that spell. In fact, it is always better to write your own spells. It allows you to get creative and to create a spell by your own personal power and will. That is how magick is born; by your own power and will. Again, if you do decide to borrow a spell, please be cautious when choosing one out.

On a last note, if you ever are on a certain spell page and you have a question about the writer's work, drop them a message. Or, feel free to ask a moderator if the writer hasn't been active in years. This can help you on your personal journey to learn more about magick.

I hope this advice was helpful. Please don't hesitate to leave feedback, questions, or comments! :)

Re: Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
Post # 2

Just because it is rated Five Stars on this Website, doesn't mean its any good. Better advice would to be Avoid the Site Spell Book and actually research reputable sources for Spells and learn how to make your own.

Re: Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
Post # 3

But, you did have a really good idea posting about this. Spread the Word!

Re: Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
Post # 4
So, I should make my own spell? Is there anyway I could look up ingredients so I know what to and what not to use? Or would a spell work off of pure visualization? Sorry, lol, I just want to do it correct the first time. :/

Re: Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
Post # 5
Sorry, I might be missing it completely. but where can i Post spells of my own?

Re: Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
By: / Novice
Post # 6
You need to be council in a coven to post spells. Or join an automatic council position in spell casters coven, which is why there are so many fluff spells. But please, make sure your spell is a valid one. Or even better, learn to make your own.

Re: Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
Post # 7
none of the spells worked for me.does magic spells really work?i want a real time travel spell.has anyone ever time traveled through magic spell?

Re: Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
Post # 8
Nope, time travelling is only "imaginary". If you want to travel in time physically, you should turn to quantum mechanics. Time travelling is still only a theory.

Re: Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
Post # 9
Thank you for this info.cause im a newbie an I need all I can to get positive information on how spells work an altars ect.I'm new at this an I want to learn all I can cause someone might ask me for help an I don't want to steer them wrong that would make me look bad an where I got my help from. So thank you for info...best from brother..

Re: Newbies: SoM Spell Advice
Post # 10
There a lot of spells even the five star ones that are fluff it is better to write your own but only a knowledgeable person can make good spells I think if you're new you should study for at least a few years.

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