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Name: brother
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I`m a native American,born st,paul.minn. been everywere west of state an far as boone, Iowa. did a lot of schooling for degrees, like cdl, auto-detailer,autobody repair trainee,motorcycle indoersment to ride bikes,lists goes on but meet a lot of people in wicca an the arts of knowledge you can say..hint, hint,then ran across a lot of see-ers you can say.that they said if I develop my gift I can be a powerful guy. of coarse I didn`t believe them.Then you meet other people an after awhile you start to hear more an more people say the same thing for yrs now so I started to believe them an now I`m here trying to get myself developed an knowledgeable in the arts. so I`m a Newbie of this an if anyone can be a teacher or they can direct me to a coven that will help me grow I would very glad for your assistance an if I can help you out just email me k thk you..