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Cremated Human Remains

Forums ► General Info ► Cremated Human Remains
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Cremated Human Remains
Post # 1
I recently came into possession of the cremated remains of my abusive (physically and mentally)ex husband. I used them to cast a witches jar spell. I touched the ashes with my bare hands. I called upon a demon using a sacrifice of flesh (the actual ash part of the remains) and bone (the bone shards in the ashes). I picked 3 bone shards out with my hands. Am i safe? or am i cursed for touching the remains?

Re: Cremated Human Remains
Post # 2
Not to be rude but if you question such a thing why are you doing it?

No. Touching someones ashes will not curse you. I would definitely suggest cleansing yourself after doing a spell like that though.

What exactly does a witches jar spell do? I have heard of many spells utilizing jars and all of them were different. Just curious :)

Re: Cremated Human Remains
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

The term witch jar may be a variation of the classic witch bottle. These are folk magic spell bottles for protection against witchcraft and conjuring. The oldest recording that mentions the witch bottle is from the late 17th century. The bottles or jars are usually filled with the person the bottle is to protect or the victims' urine, hair, fingernails, or menstrual blood as well as herbs, red wine or vinegar, earth, snad, sea water, thorns, pins, and needles, rusty nails, pieces of broken glass or bone. They are then hidden away and keep out of sight by walling them up, burring them in the foundation of a building, or on the far corner of the property.

Touching human ashes with your bare hands after you used the ashes to call upon a demon is not the best idea. Not sure why you called upon a demon or what task you gave it to do but you may want to consider banishing it and then protecting yourself. You will need to cleanse yourself as well. If you feel cursed you are simply because of your thoughts. This is where the banishing of negative energy is important as well as the cleansing of your body and all personal space. You may also have to repeat this process a few times for it to be completely effective.

Re: Cremated Human Remains
Post # 4
Thanks for the info Katie :D I've heard of those before. Was more confused on the use of one with summoning a demon or any entity.

Re: Cremated Human Remains
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

The question you're asking should have been asked before you cast a spell rather than after. If your actions were one's that would cause you to be cursed then you would now be cursed. I doubt that you are cursed though, so you lucked out this time. But next time get a better idea of what you are doing and what might happen before you go throwing spells around.

Re: Cremated Human Remains
Post # 6
I called upon a demon and the spirit of my ex to get revenge on my ex's ex girlfriend who is also a witch. she is more powerful then me. she killed him. there were pentagrams drawn all over his house. she stole everything that was mine from the house. I know she killed him. i am basically using his ashes as a way to control spirits and demons to help me. i touched his bones. is that bad?

Re: Cremated Human Remains
Post # 7

Magic does not hold the power to rule over life and death, it does not transcend human limitations.

As said above the remains will not curse you, however, I agree with Ere, a cleansing should be preformed afterwards. Lark made a valid point too, ask these type of questions before going ahead with it that way you can be better informed and avoid any unwanted reprecussions. Though, there is the saying you never know until you try it.

As for your motives, I do suggest keeping in mind that magic has its bounds as do we, therefore, impossibilities do exist.

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