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New Outlook
Post # 1
The past 2 1/2 months have been extremely difficult for me. Just a mere breakup has turned my world upside down.

The 2nd month hit me with such a depression I had never felt before.

I now realize that this is truly my first long-term relationship that was ended. Something I thought was just always going to be there suddenly was taken away.

I've tried researching spells, and I even bought one on eBay. I came on here seeking spells and spent more time than I should have looking for a "time" or "love" spell to change things.

I've had Tarot readings, and I recently started seeing a therapist (although the therapist has turned out to be pretty helpful).

I've also been studying this idea behind the Law of Attraction the past few days.

Then earlier this afternoon, it suddenly dawned on me. I'm only depressed and in this mindset because I'm allowing it to be. My mind has been fueling these negative, depressing, jealous, frustrated thoughts. I realized that I couldn't generate any positive thinking or "attract" positiveness into my life with this mindset. And all I had to do was re-calibrate my thinking to that of being happy and confident.

And almost instantly, I started feeling better. I could think of those "jealous" images and they wouldn't bother me. I still struggle a bit of images of us being together, and how I wish I could change that. But I understand that this will take time.

The Law of Attraction merely states to "Ask, Visualize, Believe, and Release into the Universe."

All of this time I was looking for a "quick" way to get my ex back. I realized this was wrong. I must become a person that'll attract her back. That'll attract other women and friends like her.

I now believe that I will lead a successful life. I will lead a life that will attract people. And I also believe that deep down in my heart, we'll be reunited. I don't know how long, but I believe that in my positive state, she'll eventually come back. And this time, it'll be her trying to convince me.

I will continue to tell and remind myself of this "new" lifestyle I want to have. And through that, I believe the Universe will manifest it.

For all of those who are suffering a heartbreak or looking for a "spell" to bring or trick someone back. It will not work. It is not the way.

Change yourself. To change yourself, it requires your mental state, the right energy. You don't "need" someone to do that for you. Only YOU can do that.

And only then, may you hope to bring back your ex or get over him/her. Just Believe.

This I believe, is the true mindset and purpose of "magic."

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Re: New Outlook
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Glad that you have seen the light in the darkness.
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Re: New Outlook
Post # 3
Hey man/woman, I have literary just gone through the same thing.

Breaking up with any person is always hard, try not to put yourself down in the sense of don't be afraid to show your sadness to others, let people console you instead of shutting yourself away from others.

People always love to help, I think they just get annoyed if they see that they have tried and their friend still isn't moving on. I am also a big believer in the law of attraction, and I promise this is quite possible the most powerful way to conduct a spell.

For the universe is the command centrer for all types of energy , so to the universe will grant your wishes as you see fit, one word of warning though, don't try to get another relationship straight after this one, it'll only be a re-bound make sure you've fully dealt with your emotions before being with another person or you'll only end up hurting them and in turn hurting yourself
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Re: New Outlook
Post # 4
But I have to say I am very impressed at your strong positive words, make sure you re-read your post any time you doubt yourself or feel down, remember the strong person you are :)
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Re: New Outlook
Post # 5
I love your post, because towards the end, it is what you need to do. By allowing yourself to think negative thoughts, you allow, negative energy to attract around you. Thus, creating healthy and, positive light, will benefit you, and, the universe too.

First off, i understand what your going through. Yeah, it may be hard but, truth is, life is not supposed to be sugar cones, and sprinkles(easy). It is meant to be hard, and to learn lessons, only lets you gain more knowledge! The thing is, if you desire change, you and only you can, obtain it. All change must start within, not outside. All change MUST begin with you. If you want to change, you got to see why, how this may effect the universe and, people around you. How you can change yourself. Yes it may be easier to, wallow in pity. But this will not get you anywhere. First start with yourself, if negativity approaches? Create positive thoughts, and actions again. If negative words appear, think of them as symbols of, learning.

I have one spell, actually no it isn't a spell, it's more of a mere ritual. Check it out.

*First cast the circle, call the gods(if you believe in any) and elements.
*Next state the reason
*After take a paper, write the ex's name. Then flip, and write the words that come to mind when you, think of, them.
*Light a red, or pink candle, purple if you want too.
*Imagine yourself throwing the paper on the candle, and forgiving the person, imagine you moving on, and be happy.
*Throw paper on candle, let burn until there is no paper.

Then think positive, and move on. Good luck:).
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Re: New Outlook
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
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Re: New Outlook
Post # 7
Thank you for the positive support. It's amazing the support I've received. From close friends to random strangers in my community to all over.

I'd never thought I'd receive support from a "spell" or "magic" forum.

It's funny because I just had some negative thoughts fueling my mind about getting back with my ex-girlfriend.

My "rationale" told me that there were so many obstacles:

- She lost attraction for me
- She hardly thinks about me at all.
- She tends to only date within her social circle and she has completely built a new one through her co-workers (which is typical for her).
- She has developed a close relationship with one of her co-workers and may be dating them (although knowing her and the little I know about him, even if this turns into a relationship, I don't see it lasting long).
- Her parents don't think that high of me (only because I initiated the "first break-up" that we had).

But after reading this post and thinking some more, my mindset should not be "how to get her back." It should be to "become the person" that I want to be. I know that I deep down, AM the person that she once loved with all her heart. And once I release and continue to develop into this "person" that I know I am, she'll "find" her way back.

The "Universe" does not care about "rationale." It doesn't care whether it's positive or negative energy. It simply gives you what you ask.

By simply focusing on this "positive" energy, I don't have to question the "how." I know the path will reveal itself along the way.

I "know" we'll be back together. The "love" is still there, she's only suppressed it. And I must temporarily place my love for her aside while I work on myself.

And when the "Universe" believes we're ready, I know it'll show itself.

Until then, I will not reject whatever the Universe may throw my way, be it new people, relationships, women, or otherwise.

Thanks again for the support.
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Re: New Outlook
Post # 8
Sure thing
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Re: New Outlook
By: / Novice
Post # 9
You might enjoy The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It's a rather quick read of four main principles one should live by to be happy. I didn't mind it, to sum up the points were:

  • Be impeccable with your word

  • Don't take anything personally

  • Don't make assumptions

  • Always do your best

  • The whole thing basically is how you view things. Therapy is an option for some, but a positive outlook can help greatly. Unfortunately it's not as easy for everyone.
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