Wiccan store, what to buy

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Wiccan store, what to buy
Post # 1

So, there is no 'physical' shop around here where I live, and I'm thinking of opening one with focus on Wicca and paganism and everything around it. I have been asked to write a product list, and I've written down a lot, so I have a question for you!

When going to a store like that, what do you want to be able to buy, what's the most important for you? Incense, tarot decks, crystals? What?
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Re: Wiccan store, what to buy
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I love to buy incense. That's definitely a good one to sell if opening a store.

Other things I would want to buy (possibly) are:

  • tarot decks (a wide variety of different kinds, including mini cards)
  • wands (either crystal or handcrafted in different kinds of wood or even bone)
  • many kinds of crystals, including raw cuts and tumbled small stones
  • Jewelry with pagan symbols (tree of life, triquetra, pentagram, etc.)
  • tall candles in many colours including gold silver and black
  • oils
  • candle holders
  • scrying mirrors and bowls (preferrably made from obsidian)
  • Penulums
  • journals
  • Good books about witchcraft and Wicca
  • Smudge sticks

There are probably many other things people would be interested in, but these are what I personally would look for in a Wiccan store.

Hope that was helpful!

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Re: Wiccan store, what to buy
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Two quick things, one is there a lot of Wiccans in your area? The store I go to is 20 minutes away and it's a 'spirituality store' catering more to pagans but includes books and objects for all faiths [it even teaches a variety of topics] but the second closest to it is about an hour away.

Second question have you looked into bbylaws in your area? The primary reason my town doesn't have a new age or pagan store is because of bylaws and many landlords have it written into their contracts no 'occult' type paraphernalia of any kind could be sold. One friend opened a gaming store, but when the landlady found out he was of Roman gypsy decent and practiced it she would pop in frequently for 'surprise inspections'.

Now, for your question, I usually go for a reason, mainly books, but leave with incense, candles, oils, and the occasional dragon statue lol.
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Re: Wiccan store, what to buy
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
You would not be able to run a successful business by only catering to Occult, Wicca, or Witchcraft objects. You will need to sell all manner of Pagan objects from jewellery to Halloween masks. Vampire capes, to false "fangs"; as well as all the serious things like incense. But, Good Luck, we need more shops like this.
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Re: Wiccan store, what to buy
Post # 5
That's why I'm asking what I should sell. I want it to be successful and I want to be able to reach out to more people. So I*m happily taking all kind of suggestions and tips
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Re: Wiccan store, what to buy
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
My dream is to open up a metaphysics shoppe.
If you know any local Artesians, you can sell their products. Pottery, wool and knitted goods, jewelry, decor and little knickknacks are good starts. Go to a farmer's market or craft fair for ideas then offer to sell someone's goods if you like the quality.
Also, do classes! If you are unable to teach, find people in the community who can and will, and offer a sum of money to teach a class. If you advertise, you will be able to make the difference in no time.
Also, vintage clothing and other vintage items sell well, and see about doing a childern-oriented scavenger hunt where you have little ones bring in things from nature and work with Artesians to make picture frames and stuff. Offer prizes.
Parents love seeing their kids creative and happy.
These are just some ideas. Good luck in your venture!
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