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Name: Euranu
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My name is Aliya but I go by Ailie. I am Pagan, walking a Celtic path, and I practice Eclectic Witchcraft. I do my group work with the Pangur spiritualist organization. I have been involved with the Occult for seven years, and I'm an aspiring Parapsychologist; however I'm currently making a meager living sering coffee to ungrateful teenagers. I enjoy reading about metaphysics. My hobbies include pecking around graveyards, knitting, gaming, and buying excessive amounts of toys for my rats and kitter. I keep a working altar, and a small; but no less elaborate shelf altar dedicated to my deity, The Morrighan. My fields of practice include but are not limited to sympathetic Magick, herbalism, and crystal healing. Below are some things that I like to start us off on the right foot.

Euranu's Top Five Books for Beginners

  • Astral Travel: Flying Without a Broom by DJ Conway
  • Animal Correspondences: Animal Spirit Guides by Stephen D. Farmer PhD
  • General Reference: True Magick by Amber K
  • Crystal and Mineral Reference: The Essential Crystal Handbook by Simon & Sue Lilly
  • Elemental Work: Earth, Air, Fire, Water by Scott Cunningham