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Hello, i need help!

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Hello, i need help!
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Hello, i need help!
Post # 1
Hello ... i have been a memeber for a little while now but have reading your page for over a year. I have been wanting to post this for some time, but didnt know how to word it, so here goes... i had a very scary experience last Novemeber (2013). I was so shook up by this, its still so fresh in my mind and sends shivers down my spine every time i think of it and i cant STOP thinking of it for some reason. First of all im sorry if i sound like im going on abit and apologies for any spelling mistakes, but i want to tell as much detail as i can remember from that night. It was around 11pm and i was in the kitchen changing a dressing on my finger, that i had cut a cpl of days ago. Im not normaly squeamish at the sight of blood, being as i have worked in nursing homes for a number of years and had 3 out doorsey children, its fair to say i can handle a little blood, but i guess not my own. As i undressed my finger i passed out on the kitchen floor. Now here is were it gets crazy .... My Partner and eldest Daughter's side of the story goes as like this ...
As i hit the floor i started convulsions for about 2/3 minutes, then came round very confussed. An abulance was called and the paramedic checked me over, took my obs and said everything seemed find but to maybe go see my doctor about it he may send me for test ..
Now, how i remember it is a little more scarier ...
It went completely black, the darkest iv ever seen.. I couldnt see if their was any walls in front of me or behind, the ceiling or the floor, infact i couldnt even feel the floor underneath my feet. I starting running like crazy, i was running for my life. It felt like i was being chased by about 3/4 people (or things) behind me trying to grab my top, i could actualy feel my shirt being pulled. i was screaming " GET OFF ME, GET OFF ". It also sounded like they was shouting or saying somthing to me but i couldnt make out any words. They sounded angry, scary and not really hunman. I remember starting to panic because i couldnt feel the floor underneath me and felt like i was getting no where fast, althought my legs was running ten to the dozen. Just as it felt like they had grabbed me i came round on the kitchen floor, the first thing i did was turn to look behind me to see if any one was still there.
I asked my Partner if i was saying anything, he said, i didnt say a word. But it all felt so real and still does to this very day, i feel frightened when i think about it and the memory just pops into my head without warning.
Now i know a lot of you are going to say , it was probably lack of oxygen some how sent signals to my brian causeing me to hallucinate and you might be right, but i cant help feel like it was more than that ... ever since that night i have felt a little out of sorts, i feel abit differant, like im a more quieter, reserved person than before ..Please can some one help explain what this means, so far the doctors cant find anything wrong with me apart from early menopause (im 35 btw),and i am not on any medication. So im guessing its nothing medical. Unless early menopause causes people to hallucinate ... Thank you all for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing your veiws. Blessed Be xx

P.S i know some of you might thing im on the wrong site, but im not a memeber of anywhere eles and didnt know who eles to turn too xx TY
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Re: Hello, i need help!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: Hello, i need help!
By: / Novice
Post # 3
While we mostly ought to make a distinction between the spiritual and material, I think that they can combine sometimes. It could be that it was the lack of oxygen that put you in a state of mind where you could access some spiritual otherworld. What a pity that it was such a terrifying and awful one! A lot of people when astral projecting or lucid dreaming or even just doing a guided meditation sometimes find themselves in a completely black place, and sometimes there's nobody in there with them, and other times... chased down by people or things that grab at them, which is awful. But nobody really knows what that's about.
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Re: Hello, i need help!
Post # 4
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Im grateful, iv been wanting to tell some one for a long time. My Family an friends are not that open minded x thank you again x blessed be x
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