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Belief Bashing!

Forums ► Comments ► Belief Bashing!
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Belief Bashing!
Post # 1
I am sorry if this comes off rude, but I thought and felt that I needed to bring this to attention.

I have recently looked on a couple of forum's and noticed that there are a couple of things that are going on. The first thing, is that some people on this site, have been bashing out beliefs.
Now there is a difference between stating that that is not one's belief, but there is the other that is physically stating that one's veiw, or system is wrong!

Now when I became a member many stressed the fact that were all a family, and we accept everyone's views, and beliefs. Now I realize most follow this, but there are a few who don't care, nor know what they are actually doing.

When you bash someone's belief, it is actually a form of bullying! How? Because your stating that person is wrong. Yes it's okay to disagree, but to tell someone there wrong, and to physically tell or point out to someone there not right is not okay.

I am addressing this, for I have seen so many people bash members of this site. Moderators included! I feel sorry that people can be so immature for this, for personally bringing someone down is not what SoM was supposed to be used for, SoM was supposed to make a family atmosphere, where you can ask questions, join covens, and have a second family that is actually magical. Instead I am seeing some do the opposite.

I am addressing everyone, we should work as a family, and rise each other up, not the other way around. I would state in my belief, that if you want to laugh, and scoff at other's to privately do it in your head, if you don't like something? Tell someone, don't agree, say that you just don't have the same view? Also you shouldn't argue if someone tell's you your intruding and being rude, for you probably are!

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but if you could please leave your views of this on the bottom. Blessed be. ~Izzy~

Re: Belief Bashing!
Post # 2
Also when it states moderators included, I don't mean they bash people beliefs, I'm simply meaning that people are also bashing there's also.

Re: Belief Bashing!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Comments from Welcome.

Re: Belief Bashing!
Post # 4
I have to agree with this statement. I, too, will not bring up any names because I've seen a great number of people do this plus it would be very rude of me to do so. I know many people will probably disagree with this or may even become fed up with this subject(there have been quite a few threads like this posted, I admit). But, I do not feel EyesOApollo is trying to cause any harm. I feel when people are going to share their disagreements towards someone else's belief that they need to know their disagreement is too a belief. Just because you(anyone) does not believe in one belief system does not mean everyone shouldn't. Before you say no one has, just know I've witnessed people doing so and I would just prefer to see people say ''Even though I do not believe in this, but etc. etc.'' or ''due to science, I have to say this is definitely impossible to do or create'' instead of saying something that may come off very harsh. I do understand it becomes very annoying and aggravating at times when people constantly ask the same questions to be given the truth and then argue the truth. But, if you(anyone) see a post based on a belief, that is not fluffy, and you do not agree to it just know you do not have to respond to it. Also, if you see a post and it already stirs up some annoyance in you it would be best to not respond or wait till the moment of annoyance has passed. At times, when new comers may see some being a bit harsh in their response to a thread that new comer may, one, be too nervous or scared to want to ask a question or share knowledge or, two, they may follow that persons response and respond in the same harsh way as the other did. I do not wish for anyone to take this in a wrong way, but I am just trying to help clear things up as well. Maybe if I am not seeing things clear I wouldn't mind having it brought to my attention.

Re: Belief Bashing!
Post # 5
Thanks for the agreement Nano.Zasha.
Also I know thus may be annoying, but it should be known that bashing others is not welcomed on SoM. I know not all, will agree. But also some will! Thanks.

Re: Belief Bashing!
Post # 6
There was just another post about this except it was a bit more of a rant and targeted mods who were supposedly bashing peoples beliefs. There is a bigger fluff problem than there's probably been before. I'm not sure if this actually more frequent, if it's more hated by new people to the community, if more things are being considered fluff, or if I'm just noticing but it's become worse and worse since I've joined.

Brysing mentioned that what at what these people lack is proof, but that's not a justificatio to bash on someone's beliefs.

(NOW BRYSING I AM NOT saying that you are bashing on anyone's beliefs at all, in case you or another mod is reading this. I am sorry if I violated site rules by typing in all caps but I had to make sure you saw this part as to avoid any miscommunication error. I am not trying to offend brysing or call him out or anything, but if I didn't mention you when paraphrasing you it would appear I was passive aggressively trying to insult you which I am not.)

I say unless its a waste of space like "I'm a werewolf!" Than ya fluffy, but if someone provides what you would call "valid" evidence but hasn't exactly proven the existence of a magical creature then I would consider it schrodinger's box. If we call something that's not really enough to call fluff (as you can see that by this post for example that the word has become more offensive than it was before) we should instead "put it in the cat box" (schrodinger's box). Then at least one is not saying that they're right about everything. Essentially if you can't prove something to be wrong than your answer is just as valid as theirs and the box supports the majority while protecting the minority.

Re: Belief Bashing!
Post # 7
And actually according to science most phenomenal effects are not impossible just unlikely (very very unlikely). "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes" but how it changes could be anything such as the air spontaneously combusting and moving in a certain direction making a fire ball isn't technically impossible. The way I worded this is really weird and might be incorrect because of it but I think at least someone got my point. This sort of relates to the quantum entanglement principle in a weird way.

Re: Belief Bashing!
Post # 8
I'm well aware of keeping the fluff nonsense at a low so people can understand what magic really is more. All I am saying is be cautious of how you(meaning anyone) say it as well as be cautious how you respond to someone's post that is all. I do understand your point though, and I doubt any one would feel you were trying to call anyone out and start a ruckus. You're just providing a quote.

Re: Belief Bashing!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
We have been through all this before; and there is still misunderstanding about Mods "bashing beliefs". They do not "bash" beliefs per se. What they "bash" is when a belief is stated as a fact. It is okay to say,"I believe in mermaids." It is when a young member says," I am a mermaid. I was born as a mermaid." That a Mod (or any member with any sense!) will tell them that they are wrong.
So, let me put a question to EyesOApollo.
You are 13, a child of 5 comes to you and says, "Two and Two make Five." Would you say to that child," You are wrong! Two and two make Four!"
Or would you say, "Well, you go on believing that, but it might not be true."
No Mod will argue against a sincerely held belief. But young people come on to this site to learn. However, a great many come on the site to "have fun" or "make friends". Only recently there are posts about the very serious time of Samhain, as Halloween, and going out Treat or Treating.
Remember, that if a member says that they believe in fairies, a Mod may say "I believe they do not exist." Both are valid points of view. But, when a member says, "I talk to fairies, and have two who sit on my bed every night, and they live in a little house in my garden."
That is stating a "belief" as a "truth". And a Mod will tell them that!
Because, when all is said and done, two and two really do make four!

Re: Belief Bashing!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
That should be "Trick" or treating.An American custom that I am not very much in favour of!

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