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I guess I should probably post something here at this point.
I have been practicing magic for some time now, getting more success then failures at this point. I started with taoist mysticism, but I've gathered knowledge from all around. I follow no god or goddess, but I do interact with many Deities, but I don't see them as great as many others might, just as I don't see a king as greater than any other man. However I am not oblivious to the power of the gods and that I must not treat them like a weak being.
I study the workings of magic such as how to enhance results and to make them more effective. I want to figure out not just on getting magic to work but why it works and how to enhance that. My goal is to understand how to create instant and negative manifestation consistently enough to be a common result ( you know when you perform a spell and you get the results almost instantly or sometimes before you perform the ritual? That's what I'm talking about). One thing I've considered (along with many) is that if me or someone were to achieves this they will begin to expect it every time and lose this ability.
I do not post my age because experience can not measured in years, it only defines the size of the cup. What if I told you I was 80 years old and I've practiced magic for my whole life, what about 100, what about 16, what if I told you I was a 5 year old? You would probably assume credit or rank to my age even though many of you would not admit it. If I truly earned a rank of age or in a lodge or organization I would be able to prove my knowledge or credit without ever showing a rank or age. I don't need the ego that comes with it either for I have nothing that I need to prove. If you take my knowledge or not should only be determined on how you feel about what I have given.