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Sick of the Hypocrisy

Forums ► Comments ► Sick of the Hypocrisy
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Sick of the Hypocrisy
Post # 1
This is more of a rant than anything, but I'm sure a few people will agree. So...I'm just going to flat out say it. Ban me if you want, but I have to get this out now, or I'm going to explode.

This site's Administrator, Moderator, and Knowledgeable positions has a lot of bloody hypocrites. I'm not talking about everyone, but a pretty good majority of them are. My reasons for saying? I've seen them bash other people's beliefs and theories so many times, it's not even funny. I am so sick of them calling other people and their beliefs and theories fake, fluffy, stupid...It's so ridiculous. You're supposed to be setting an example for the rest of us. But you know what you're doing? Making yourselves look like complete morons. I guess I just wish you guys would be more open-minded...

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
People have a right to their beliefs including their belief that your beliefs are wrong, no matter how garbled that may sound. I try to keep an open mind and not offend anyone, but I have to admit generally I agree that the moderators are setting an example by telling people these beliefs are inaccurate. I must admit some could be more diplomatic in their ways of explaining why these things don't exist or are fiction, but I know their jobs are difficult. I can't imagine the patience it takes to keep an eye on this site. I can understand your opinion but you shouldn't let your temper get the best of you as anger never resolves or helps a situation.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: / Novice
Post # 3

As Wind_Kitsune nicely stated , "People have a right to their beliefs including their belief that your beliefs are wrong" if you really as as "Open minded" as you claim , then you must be equally as open minded to the possibility that your belief is invalid. As far as stating what magick can and cannot do , they have the full right to state so , because they've studied it for a long time , and there's no proof (just claims) of what fluffs do. There's no scientific proof behind their claims , there's nothing whatsoever.

So its incredibly rude to come onto the site flail "I believe in vampires and i wanna sparkle!" to someone who has dedicated much of their life to their practices and then yelling "You do not know anything , you dont practice magick , you're close minded!" at them and then comes the "This is my belief , leave me alone!" (If one does not want to be judged , do not present your views , you're entitled to your views , but not to the acceptance of said views by others).

Not to mention that Every (not most but Every) fluff who ever made claims that they are vampires , that they can move shadows , levitate , etc. Never presented proof of any kind , only claims. Most of them do not know the difference between making a claim and presenting evidence. I've even had people say things like "I'm a vampire , its true!" , then comes the "Alright , present your proof of such claims." and then comes the "I did , i told you i'm a vampire its true!". Thats not truth , the real hypocrites are the fluffs and delusional people. Good day to you.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Some things are just impossible. Magick is fascinating, but one cannot turn into any creature using it. One cannot fly with a spell. Werewolves don't exist. When people come on with claims of these, they are called out to show proof, and/or are corrected in their information. The point is to learn, not be angered by having been corrected. Just take the info and do some more research. Its much better than being angry at mods. Their job is hard enough, as chat is only a part of what they do, and they are doing it for no pay. That's right. They are volunteers to work the site and help keep it going. Think about that...Blessed Be...

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
When it comes to spiritual beliefs I am very considerate of others and consider myself open minded about the supernatural, yet I'm not going to pretend to believe someone can physically change into a supernatural creature for example. The laws of physics and nature prevent many of what some site members believe is possible such as telekenisis, shapeshifting, vampirism, etc... Theoretically if transforming oneself physically were possible it would take massive knowledge of human anatomy & genetics as well as a large amount of energy in order to rearrange the human DNA strand to make one physically different including something as "simple" as changing eye color. Supporting such beliefs of site members only sets the up for disappointment when they fail in their desire to become a supernatural creature or perform some mystical feat such as telekinesis.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Do you want to know why fluffy 'beliefs' are ridiculed and not those of a spiritual nature (as much)? It's because magic has no domain over the physical world, science does. With new awareness of the occult and spiritual matters, science does not automatically fly out the window. Some newbies get this and others do not. Magic is the subtle and impercievable (physically) energy that cannot be measured. It cannot be proven or disproven. When people make a claim that is physical in nature and goes beyond the bounds of what scientists understand, of course there is going to be ridicule and a call for proof. This happens even in the scientific community.

I'm also not really sure what makes you think your targeted group is hypocritical. In what way are claims being made and contraditions following them? Your argument is based off of comparing apples and oranges.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Maybe I'm oblivious or perhaps it happens in areas of the site I do not typically hang out, but I don't see the big problem you do. I have seen a couple [not the majority as you claim] of mods or knowledgeable members who respond to certain questions with a serious 'no' but I haven't seen mobs of admin and mods screaming at members belittling them into the dust. Sometimes, people snap. [We are human. It happens] Perhaps after the thousandth post about 'I want to be a half vampire half squirrel' its their breaking point. A person can only post 'I am afraid you are mistaken, here's the three paragraph answer and a list of books and links to help you' and be yelled at for being a 'bully' or 'close minded' for so long until they stop being nice, save time, and just say no.

In the past I have seen mods whose power went to their head and would yell at people for stepping out of line. This could be why I don't see the behaviour as bad. Could be a lot worse. Maybe the mods who know they hurt peoples feelings could say sorry, or use kinder words, but why should they? Without using banned words I'm aloud to call you out and say you're completely misguided, I just choose not to. [Not saying you are, I'm just using an example] I've been called a fluf in the forums, I've been cursed out over private messages. In life you learn to deal. In the forums and chat anyway, it isn't a personal attack, its just two views clashing. Sometimes, you need to let things roll off your back. This is the internet, there is a good chance you will never meet any of us offline [or if so, we pass unrecognized on the street] so what does it matter if someone says 'faeries aren't real' if you have seen one, or feel spiritually stronger following fae magick, what can anyone on here do but type a harsh response?

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
Post # 8
As a person who is always on chat and only browses the forums, I don't really see the issue that has been presented here.

At the end of the day, this is a magic site full of people who practice different types of magic crafts and also have different religious beliefs and sects who have come together to a common place to discuss magic. There are going to be people who have beliefs different from other people, and there are going to be people who have beliefs that are more common here. Not everyone can come to a common forum of discussion and hold a conversation about different views without fighting one another. The majority of the time, the issue stems from beliefs that are fluffy in nature being spouted off in the public chat as fact. We (the administration and knowledgeable people since that is the complaint here) can state as nice as we possibly can "no, you can't turn into a werewolf, I'm sorry" and we will be cussed at and yelled at in chat in front of everyone, but we are still expected to remain calm and collected to prevent the chat from blowing up. I have never seen anyone here in a position of authority attack anyone for their beliefs, and I have never seen anyone here in a position of authority call anyone's practices stupid. What I have seen are people who have been studying for years tell someone they can't fly, or that their belief that the Earth is flat is wrong being yelled at by beginners or fluffs in the chat upset that no one agreed with them. I'm actually experiencing the exact opposite of what you seem to be seeing in chat.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: / Beginner
Post # 9

I know a lot of "Knowledgeable" people on this site, you just don't get the reps "Knowledgeable" or "Adept", you must of shown intense knowledge and maturity on this site, these people either have been practicing for a long time or have taken their studies seriously. These people have taken their times to read your posts and give you a rank according to what they see.

Now you can't just get "Knowledgeable" or "Adept", they have to be voted upon by two or more "Knowledgeable" or "Adepts". These guys do not bash anyones religion or belief, they just correct what needs to be corrected. They guide these members to the right direction, and if they don't want to listen to reason, they place them as fluffy.

Now if you learn instead of fighting for you make belief, belief, and gain knowledge and show maturity around the site, they will be more proned to giving you a ranking. Now ranks do actually mean anything special, they are just showing how they view you as.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
Post # 10
I know which mods your talking about. However I won't name them as to avoid starting a conflict best avoided.
If someone starts blurting out "I'm a vampire!" Or "I can shoot fire!" then yes, obviously fluffy no questions asked unless they have the evidence to prove it. I've also seen some mods put more effort into fluffy hunting than to actually helping people. They've claimed peoples worshiping systems as fluffy (and I'm talking about the ones that are perfectly valid as in not fluffy). Some are these are simply miscommunication errors, but that still provides evidence that they are focusing more attention on "is this person being fluffy?" V.S "what would be the best advice for this person?" I'm not going to give specific examples as to not point out specific people. Now I'm not going to say much more because I have one observation that might be stepping over a line if I went ahead and pointed it out.

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