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Name: NimirRaj
Birthday: 1990
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I've been somewhat sick for...well long story short so I hadn't been on this site in months nor will that change dramatically anytime soon if ever. I'm sorry for any messages I never replied to, people I seemingly ignored, etc...though honestly my presence here wasn't huge to begin with. I have recently started back logging on to SoM sporadically and will attempt to reply to any messages I receive.

Though I have my own unique views & beliefs I respect those of others. As such I ask the same in return preferring mutual respect. We may have different views but we can still civil to one another and even friends. I do not believe one beliefs, race, sexual orientation, etc...should restrict friendship as I conceive the only barrier preventing friendship to be one's attitude. I seek to be respectful and courteous of members but if I fail to be I apologize. I hope such an event does not occur, but I cannot predict what may or may not happen especially considering sometimes humans speak before they think especially when various customs & beliefs permeate this world. While everything stated above is true until I see proof I have no belief in supernatural or mythical creatures such as vampires, werewolves, mermaids, etc... and will not entertain such notions in regards to those claiming to be such a creature with no proof to backup their claims. I will advise anyone wishing to become such a creature than none are known to exist and that magick cannot alter ones physical form or DNA.

My interest in magick was fueled like many by childish notions as well as the desire to figuratively escape reality and rise above my problems. From a young age I learned a good book could fuel one's imagination allowing them to escape reality and soon after joining SoM I learned the differences between media magic and real magick such as the fact that magick is not a miracle cure for all your problems, that one cannot transmute, alter their DNA, etc... Of course I'm a bit of a realist and was not surprised to learn the true limits of magick.

In part due to the fact I conceal my interest in magick I have focused on practicing purely energy based magick as such magick does not require the use of tools. The only tools I have used in the past are crystals and a very brief attempt at pendulum based divination. At the moment I am traveling along my magickal journey at a slow pace believing that if I am meant to learn to cast spells for example I will, but for now I'm simply enjoying the journey.

I am not Wiccan nor do I follow a set path, but I believe that learning about magick has strengthened my respect for nature or brought nature to the forefront of my mind. I do not use a title for myself as I have no set path but the closest thing to that which I am is a Christian witch, though I'm aware that sounds strange. In the end I am someone who believes I was made in God's image, that if I posses any ability to harness the energies around me it is because he made me this way, rather than asking the aid of supernatural forces which would conflict with my personal beliefs I simply draw on the aspects of nature such as the elements, etc...

In most cases I disagree with the site ranking system as it often misrepresents a person's true knowledge but I agree with my rank, which at this time is Beginner. I seek to help others to the best of my ability even if that is only to direct them to a resource, another person, etc...but I lack the years of experience some posses or the extensive research into various topics some have done especially considering I have no set path.

A good example of my lack of experience is I will be the first to admit I am not skilled in spell casting. You may find it curious I would state I am not skilled at spell casting yet have posted spells on SoM. The fact is the first spell I posted was seemingly written on a whim with no intent of it being posted until a fellow SoM member was seeking a spell to help a friend see the error of their ways before something bad happened as they believed their friend was heading down a dark path. Sometimes coincidence seems like fate and vice versa, but after the spell worked for them I asked my priest to post it under his name until I gained the ability to post it myself in the hopes it might help others. Later on an acquaintance believed themselves to be in danger and asked for spells for help which led me to posting those spells, which they claimed aided them, in the hopes they might benefit others as well. As such I posted those spells based on the observations of others rather than my own, though I sincerely hope they can be of benefit to anyone who may find themselves seeking such spells,

My Mantra/Goal: I seek to know my destiny and be the best person I can be. I am aware of the darkness that can dwell within one's heart and no matter how hard it may try it cannot tear me apart. I wish to awaken the power that lies within, whether it is fueled by anger, hope, faith, fear, or sin. Most of all I wish to be happy and meet others like me.