A questions of many .....

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> A questions of many .....

A questions of many .....
Post # 1
sorry for asking many questions but i'm researching it somehow....

how can an angel are strongest than gods ? . how an angels formed ? can we form an angels ?

what are godforms ? can they touch a person , can we feel them ? how could it be ?

can we go to any dimension ? how ?

what are servitors ? do it is powerful than god forms ?

do god forms can go to any dimension ?

how to be polite to spirits ?

what are terms of magick , from higher to lower ?

if can someone answer the question . i have an book and i called it , research book , im finding some introduction to know instruction

thank you

" No introduction , No instruction "
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Re: A questions of many .....
Post # 2
Before I answer any of those questions, where did you get the idea that angels are stronger than gods?
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Re: A questions of many .....
Post # 3
Some of these questions do not make sense. For one I believe angels are not stronger than then gods, they are spirits to help the gods. For two godform's is a form of a god and you can them wince gods are in everything, and every depending on your religion, your can also feel them or a presense. We can go to another dimension but we can't choose where we go, that would be ironic, however the term is called the other world, astral planes, and so fourth. The terms of magick are different for each however there are usually 3 degrees, or there is peoples and religion or coven's that follow the maiden mother and crone and the god aspect. Every time you advance you get a title so of your fourteen you would be a maiden with little knowledge, at age 25 you would be mother, and at age 50 you would have the title of crone. There are many forms, and degrees and the forms are for all pagan and religions, we can easily be polite to spirits, although I suggest you don't summon em, b you offer them something and thank them and just be kind.
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Re: A questions of many .....
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Talismagic. Nothing on your profile. We don't know if you are a child asking idiotic questions, or a 50 year old nutter!
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Re: A questions of many .....
Post # 5
Angels are not stronger than god, this is explained through how they were created. It all began with source energy, pure energy created by the big bang. It projected itself into a conscious form, known as God. God then recreated his own consciousness and broke it into many parts, creating the angels, each one being pure and uncorrupt until contact with other outside influences. Sinced We cannot form angels, our equivalent would be thought forms. Godforms are beings we create by giving our depiction of a perfect being or gods life in the same manner we give life to thought forms. We feel the prescence of Godforms every day, however, they are not tangible. For example, you believe in the goddess, but only certain traits of hers redonate with you, so in your mind, there is a godess who only possesses a select few of her original traits. That goddess is a god form. You pray, she protects, and the psychoclogical effect is also worth mentioning. When you are reminded of your godform, you are stopped from doing wrong.
We can go to any dimension, provided our vibrations are high or low enough to enter them.
Servitors are thoughtforms with the ability and purpose to serve you in magickal practises.
Once again, like us, Godforms can be in all dimensions, provided their vibrations are high or low enough.
Being polite to spirits is like being polite to any living person, though sometimes you should not mention that they are dead.
High (or ceremonial) magic mainly consists of white magic including healing and protection
There is also grey magic, which is grey in terms of morals and ethics, eg. Love magic
Black magic is the practise of magics which are thought to be morally wrong, this includes curses and hexes.
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Re: A questions of many .....
Post # 6
There is no such thing as black or white magic there is, however light and shadow magic, but they aren't inherently good or evil, because just like with martial arts, magic is all about intent. Also please spellcheck before posting, thank you.
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Re: A questions of many .....
Post # 7
thanks for your wonderful answers ....
brysing , ill mail you if you wanna know , but No Offences
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Re: A questions of many .....
Post # 8
Angels are not stronger than gods. God forms are not my most knowledgable subject, so I'm not even going to try explaining them. We can go to other dimensions through astral projection. Servitors are 100% not more powerful than god-forms. God forms can go to other dimensions with you. Don't send them to one alone. I tried mine never came back. Talk respectively like you would with a human to be polite. There is no lower version of magick in my opinion.
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