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Name: oakgrove
Location: Hermitage in Australia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 24 Nov 2014
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Some of you may know me as Spellsinger, yes, i was gagged, So here I am. I am soulsearching, we all are, we may be initiate, priest, priestess, high priest, high priestess, but we are all still students of our own, learning from ourselves, finding our own path to what lies beyond death. I came here to teach and be taught, to give and to receive.
I have a strong connection with the moon and sun, I am drawn to the water element, as it gives life and cleanses us. I usually work with Morrigan, Rihannon, Isis, the horned one, Freyja, Odin etc.
I practise:
Electrokinesis(I actually can't control this so being online is very difficult for me.)
Agrokinesis (hi plant lovers, I'm a greenie too!)
Precognition(but I see very trivial things like what's for dinner)
Automatic writing
Servitor creation
A little elemental manipulation
I am an aquarius, calm, serene, independent, indifferent, yet adventurous and compassionate. How does God/Goddess do it? No idea.
I am also born in the year of the rabbit, quick witted, clever, popular and friendly, sounds a lot like me except I had really crooked teeth until I had them all fixed up.
I face a lot of dilemmas so I divine with a pendulum often, but I ususally say, it will all be fine until I realize my pendulum is always right. ag.
I am a firm believer of fate, but I also believe that it is meld-able and changeable if we play all the right cards. I am actually really bored right now so I'm updating my profile, it's a win win, people learn more about me and I'm not bored.
I find it amusing when people get worked up over trivial things, even on this site. It's ironic because magic users are supposed to be chill and take on the detached, fair view of the higher selves and free others from emotional turmoil. As mean as it all sounds, watching it all unfold makes me feel like Gandalf the Great or the Oracle from the matrix because I foresee this and watch everything happen from afar. I do not always see the future. But really, who needs precognition to see when two people are going to start a wrestling match within the next few minutes.
Empaths, healers, seers, and all magic users in general have the detached logic of their higher selves and the compassion and love of their living minds, we are the equalizers of the spirit world, yet we fight amongst ourselves. I am told that gentle persuasion is my strongest asset, it is; but some people must be taught a harsher way.
Anyways, I chose my username to be oakgrove because oaks are trees worshipped as sources of great lifeforce and are very powerful trees which have the potential to be big, old and firmly rooted. When the Romans arrived on the shores of Celtic pagan England, they decided they'd chop up the oak groves there, however, the celts forbid it and fought for their home. I fight for what I believe in, so I chose this name. :D