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Bullying people here

Forums ► Comments ► Bullying people here
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Bullying people here
Post # 1
So a few people here have talked to me like I'm imposing my beliefs on you guys. I received thanks for my teachings but all of a sudden I'm some kind of egoistic jerk. I made an account here to teach freely what I've been handed down and have mentioned why I believe it and mentioned some who taught it and I was thanked for it and now I am being attacked with claims that I'm imposing my beliefs, so I must label my information twice as much because even though I mention links and teachers and cultures who teach what I said, it's not enough now. If my free teachings insult you, I'm sorry but either leave or appreciate I take my time to teach eastern mysticism that has been used longer than alot of western new age mysticism completely free. I don't know anyone who takes this much time to teach westerners this much for free with soo much attacks :(

A couple of people hated on 2 of my posts claiming I am straight out wrong and my advice is utterly garbage. I was repeatedly told that I can't give magic colors because it's the same. But that's their beliefs and I repeated why I believe what I believe kindly, yet I am wrong. (The posts are "singing aid, and Black magick advice") if you wanna see what happened.

"Please show ur support and spread the" "word to respect what others believe."

Just showing how long and ridiculous my label has to be even though my label says is common sense
(Label:this is kundalini yoga belief)
So if you want links proof and yadda yadda it's your responsibility to check it out yourself, im tired of doing soo much writing and research to have to make these ridiculously professional and get no thanks at all.

For the few who take their time to read or thank me, thank you. I don't know how much longer I'll be here though, so if you wanna know anything nows the time to ask.

Re: Bullying people here
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
A discussion of magic is a discussion of philosophy. There will always be somebody debating you, telling you were wrong, and otherwise being hostile in such conversation.

Bullying is not acceptable. However neither is posting twice about being "bullied" when, in reading your posts, you simply have individuals disagreeing with your assertions. Nobody has insulted you. Nobody has attacked you personally. They have instead discussed the concepts you put forth, and you happen to not like what they had to say. If this constituted bullying, then good gravy my life has been far more traumatic than I'd originally thought.

Respect for the beliefs of others does not necessary imply that one must be mute, complacent, or compliant. Duplicate posts worded slightly differently does nothing but make you look like you just want attention. As for the other threads that you refer to, you can look for my more in-depth responses there.

Re: Bullying people here
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
One last piece of advice for Libran. Teach only those who ask to be taught. It is obvious that you believe what you write; but you have to accept that many members do not!

Re: Bullying people here
Post # 4
I agree with Brysing you have to respect their beliefs and they have to respect yours too. Try not to get to hurt over this it happens to me a lot, if they don't respect you then they are not worth the bother I don't see the point in messaging someone just to criticize them all that effort and its not benefiting anyone. I hope they see sense soon and realize they cant change who you are. Stay strong :)

Re: Bullying people here
Post # 5
Do not bring yourself down due to them. It s rude that people are saying that, but you will always have a person who debates you. Remember this place is about collecting, and sharing knowledge. Don't worry, respect everyone even if they don't respect you. Depending on your religion like pagan or wiccan remember the rule of three, and the rede. Hope this helped. If you have to tell a moderated, and report them.

Re: Bullying people here
Post # 6

Stuff like that happens. What you should do is shove it off and ignore it.

Re: Bullying people here
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to Comments from General Info.

Re: Bullying people here
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8

I will point out that disagreeing with someone's beliefs or debating one's differences in belief is not bullying . Just because someone says that they don't agree with what you are saying is not an attack on you or your beliefs. Sometimes the bullying card gets played when a person wants to paint others as wrong for disagreeing with them. Let's not let that happen. Healthy differences of opinion are a good thing for the community as they point ot various points of view so that those reading a thread can research the topic further and decide for themselves what they believe.

Re: Bullying people here
By: / Novice
Post # 9
It does make me sad to hear people on here are getting bullied, but that's life. Like others have said, it sounds like a disagreement, not bullies. No one agrees with everything, I follow Dragon Magick, you know how many people have called me wrong [when they are being nice anyway] one of the 'laws' in my clan anyway is to keep silent around those who haven't proven themself. Maybe posting all this information on the forums isn't wise, perhaps offering those interested private lessons through the mail or chat would be better.

Haven't seen you around very much personally, so I can't comment on your posts [and I'm on ny phone so I can't at this time read your old posts] but from the one or two I have seen, its more a matter of opinion, not hate speech towards you. I would like to point out magick is intent, not a colour, but I do understand your point and it is easier to say 'black magick' than 'negative energy magick' and its more universally known as 'black' and 'white'. But that's a minor point in the grand scheme of things, and it really doesn't matter. Good luck to you whatever you choose.

Re: Bullying people here
By: / Novice
Post # 10
That is so contrary to my experience here.

People dont always agree with you and since everyone thinks theyre so special theyll always tell you why.

Its the internet. No big deal. No need for drama.

And its not bullying.

I think your posts are sort of interesting, but complaining isnt.

Blessings and Light!


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