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Hello, I go by Libran angel (Note I'm not not conceited, just like the name hehe)
My interest in the occult began when I was around 15 and am now 20.
I am no master but learned much that id be happy to share what ive learned and experienced with anyone who asks.
In my experience, most of what is on here is useless and impractical and or too generic and basic. No offense, but you can find the so called knowledgeable info on here on almost any 99 cent store
Dont believe everything you read on the internet - Abraham Lincoln
Have experience in:
White & Black magick (i know here people say theirs no color but in the east we have a very different view of this)
Law of attraction ( kundalini yoga helps Alot)
Psychicism (Activate your nadis, chakras and other centers to develop these not just your 3rd eye.)
Angel Magick ( Some think dark spirits are more powerful, no. Angels dont just do what you want just because but they are powerful and lovely to work with)
Astrology (Western,Hindu,chinese) (Free basic chart readings of westerm and hindu)
Synastry Astrology (relationship astrology )
Tarot (learning)
Dream Reading ( Tip: learn about yourself)
Mantra Magick (If you cant do spells, try a mantra. Easy and effective :)
Mudra Magick
Kundalini yoga (said to be the highest of yogas)
Psychology ( Important for serious magick)
(Side note: What most high Magicians here took years to learn, I believe you CAN learn in a few months given the right discipline.)