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Amazingly Simple Glamour

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Amazingly Simple Glamour
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Amazingly Simple Glamour
Post # 1
Blessed be my friends! Is there that guy/girl you like, but they rarely notice you (if they even do at all)? Here is a simple glamour that worked pretty well for me!

Note: This is probably best suited for someone who's familiar already with The Craft, and knows how to at least cast simple spells. (Intermediate)

Materials Needed:
- Your mind
- The ability to raise up energy
- Imagination (Goes hand in hand with mind)
- A tub

The Spell:
- Pretty much you need to first start by taking a bath. It doesn't matter if you're in the tub while the waters filling up or not. Just make sure to actually get in the tub.

- While relaxed and comfortable in the tub, start raising some energy. Really white works the best but you can also use purple or yellow. Purple for the mind (seeing as how you're not actually changing just changing people's view of you), or yellow for air (also to do with intellect and the mind)

- Once the energy is fully raised and pulsating throughout your entire being. Cup your hands about an inch from your head and start to imagine the energy flowing from them back into your body, but instead of just filling your being again, imagine it turning you into the person you want to be viewed as. In this case, more beautiful (your own definition of beauty of course). Start at the top of the head and go through to your feet, sorta like dressing yourself except with energy. You really don't have to do it to the back of your body as long as you do it correctly.

-Visualize yourself transforming and getting a lot of compliments throughout the day. Imagine how it feels to be complimented so nicely! Imagine how happy you are that people are noticing you now!

- (optional but makes it more potent) While holding that energy and visualization, say a prayer to Aphrodite but make sure to worship her own beauty first before ever asking her to help you out. She tends to really like compliments herself. It can be what you want really. After complimenting her and beefing her up on a pedestal, ask her for her aid. You may do it in the form of a chant. Remember, less is more here and rhyming seems to work better as well. It could be along the lines of "Aphrodite help me please, beauty is what I seek" or "Aphrodite whom I worship much, to this glamour I ask that you bring luck". Whatever is good, just short and sweet! DO NOT disrespect her or demand anything.

It helps to be able to put yourself in trance. When I did this, I actually found myself moving around the tub, back and forth, in a trance like state. Movement seems to help. Also, please don't visualize anyone in particular noticing you. Free will here is the important thing. If it's meant to be it'll happen (trust me). When I did this, I got a few compliments and I've had a whole bunch of people that I found checking me out more than the usual I get. Aphrodite works in mysterious ways and is willing to help those she deems fit for her help. She is beautiful and glamorous and I'm sure she expects the same for her sons/daughter, so it helps to already feel beautiful and to be on the same page as her.

That's it! Let me know how it worked for you! It's EXTREMELY potent for me so hope it is for you guys! Comments are greatly appreciated.

Blessed Be!
XOXO )0(
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Re: Amazingly Simple Glamour
Post # 2
Nice charisma spell, but why might you need to be in a tub?
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