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I'll add on to this where appropriate and whenever I get the time.
Ask questions as you need to.

This is a theoretical spell I made up to show people what magic actually involves, I havent actually done it nor care to but unlike the braggards you find on magic sites I can actually show how I do things. So I decided to put this forth because there are some people on this site who want to achieve something against their enemies but are unable to do so due to physical constraints.
Anyway you have a right to retaliate against those who wronged you and you have a right to know that which I will tell you.

The methodology can be used for either good or evil but for this demo I will use evil (but then again what is evil? As far as Im concerned evil is to act against God and the order he setup. Lets continue....)

So what I will do is teach you how to perform magic against avowed enemies of God and yourself and your society. Unlike the 'give us a few hundred dollars and we'll give you a spell' crooks, I intend to show you all aspects of the particular actions I will get you to perform if you wish to.
I want you to understand what you will be doing and why you will be doing it.

Scenario: (so far...)
A loud mouth godless person named Richard Dawkins is giving you the poops with his incessant whining. You want to shut him up permanently.

Now to act....
In preparing any sort of attack on an enemy you need intel, including here. But you have to choose your enemies wisely, you have to choose not only the most offensive to all but you should also choose the most likely to go full rant.
"The ones who easily offend and are most easily offended"
You are not only looking to do someone over but also looking to discredit their work, cause and that of their friends/allies.

So far....
1. Pick your target
2. List their allies/friends
3. List any orgnisations they are involved with
4. And their relationships to these organisations and each other

When you have done this you should review the information without bias, you may find that the person you chose out of a personal hatred may not be the best target. If there is someone else in your list who does more damage to your society regardless of whether they have a high or low profile and whose ruination will be more destructive to their cause as a whole then you should make them your initial target. Remember it's not soley about you, if it were then you should just go and kill them.
Review your targets and list them in priority.

Now make listings on the following of the targets....
Full name
Birthday (including time of birth if possible)
Place of birth
Name of parents
Name of spouse and children
Name of grandparents

Why should you do this? Simple...these types of people are all about bloodlines, it is their bloodline they wish to advance and it is that which is their weakpoint. As for the full name it is to do with numerology and gematria, and with birthday it is to do with zodiac factors.

Now once again you review your targets, depending on how much information you can get you have to make a definite single choice....but not just yet.
There is also timing to consider, how soon do you wish/need to do it? Also consider the target zodiac/planetary attributes as well as the attributes of the time you wish to/can only do the ritual required and even attributes relating to yourself.

As you see it is not just a matter of abracadabra.

Also you have to consider the flow on or trickle down effects, let's say you wish to kill a politician because they are a bad mongrel. Sure you may rub them out but you could get someone even worse in their place.

It is not just an airy-fairy thing as you might imagine, you have to do some serious thinking.
You will get to know GOD after will petition him...directly!
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Re: magic by leon
Post # 2

So you began the exercise with the intention of taking a particular person out but now you have a 'Top 5' or even 'Top 10' of targets. Now you could go with the determination to get the original target regardless of the cost or effect, or you can take a tradesman type approach to do the job you think you would be best suited to. In order to assess the job you can do you have to see what tools are available to you and the tools you actually know how to use.

Shem Ha-Mephorash
Zodiac -Astrology/Planetary factors
Symbolic factors

So I'll use the following texts...
Book on the Shem Ha-Mephorash by Lenain or Papus

The book of the sacred magic of Abramelin the mage

Godwins' Cabalistic Encyclopaedia

You can also use other books which can refer to astrology, herbalism, etc. as you need to.
I highly recommend the last book.

Anyway, I'll use this target as an example as for what to do.
Richard Dawkins

Now I don't really care if someone wants to do him over, I'm just using him as an example. He is way past his 'prime' and nothing more than an unfashionable burnout who is getting wishy-washy about his convictions because it has dawned on him that he will kiss the dirt in a few years or so. Makes you wonder how 'atheist' he is.

So let's get to work....

NAME: Clinton Richard Dawkins

D.O.B.: 26 March 1941

PLACE OF BIRTH: Nairobi, Kenya Colony

WIVES: Marian Stamp Dawkins
Eve Barham
Lalla Ward

CHILDREN: Juliet Emma Dawkins

PARENTS: Clinton John Dawkins
Jean Mary Vyvyan (née Ladner)

From this we get that he is an Aries and more importantly we get his full name.

Clinton = 20+30+10+50+400+70+700=1280
Richard = 200+1+8+1+200+4=414
Dawkins = 4+1+6+20+1+50+60=142

1280+414+142= 1836 which using gematria matches 'Sekhel Mitnotzetz' or 'Resplendent Intelligence'
It is the 10th path of wisdom, it matches to Malkuth which is represented by Earth. Malkuth means 'the Kingdom' in relation to the Tree of Life and the number 10 corresponds to the absolute idea of 'reality'

Now some of you might be wondering why it would take an investigation on a target to make a move against him possible. Well if you want to petition God to take out someone you should at least be correct about who you want to take out.
If you say that you want the English guy Richard Dawkins rubbed out, well which Richard Dawkins do you mean?
If you went into a court with unverified evidence you shouldnt be surprised if the judge called you a moron and threw your case out of court.
Looking at the info gathered so far there is no mistake who I am describing (the actual being, he could change his name tomorrow but I still have his birth date and the names of his wives and kid...he cant change that) and infact I could seek to impersonate him on the net. The net is accessible by the physical computer to the non physical realm of 'the net', afterall how do you measure it at any given time?
God helps them that help themselves and you only deserve the reward from the effort you put in. Thats why most prayer fails, people put no effort into their prayer and have no consideration for how the result is achieved. You may want a couple of hundred thousand to go to Vegas, so you pray (or demand!) that God cough up asap.
Next day you get a phone call telling you that both your parents were killed in a car crash but the life insurance policies will payout soon. Hey you werent specific about how you got it! Gather up as much info and sort out the factors resulting from it.

26+03+1941 = 1970 = 1+9+7 = 17 = 1+7 = 8
No.8 people tend to be control freaks, this matches Dawkins
As I earlier stated "Easy to offend and are easily offended"

Seeing as Dawkins supposedly doesnt believe in this sort of stuff he denies himself the ability to know himself. When you undertake an action like this you seek to know more about a person than they do about themselves.
And when you do you can pre-empt them, success will follow.

If youre interested....
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Re: magic by leon
Post # 3

I mentioned before that Dawkins is an '8' person, not especially important in itself but is a strand to add on. I look at it this way, if you wanted to cross over a large gap and all there was to use was a rope bridge you would want more than one strand of rope holding or forming it. Same could be said for an electrical cord, you would want more than one strand of wire to carry a 240 volt charge. So by looking up every concievable aspect involved with the ritual and the target we can add strands of wire to the cord. Or in hacking terms it is 'sweating the small stuff'.
Now in the Tree of Life the 8th sephira is Hod, it means 'Glory' it is symbolised by Mercury and is more or less to do with the realm of communication and speed. Again this seems to match up with Dawkins, but he is a godless loud mouthed narcissist and uses his 'birthright' wrongly.
If the pen is mightier than the sword, then I want him to cut his throat with one. A major league chimpout using his 'birthright' to do so to his acolyte audience of God haters and other filth.

Off-hand I can think of 2 ways to destroy his so-called belief in there being no God or as seeing God as an enemy.

1. Make his daughter the target instead of him, when he realises his rotten bloodline and name will be forgotten he will realise what a waste his life has been in the service of evil.

Ok....that really is a bit simple and you dont know what his daughter is really like.

2. We bring Abramelin into it....

Go to the 22nd chapter, now you can pick whatever you want but I'm thinking No.4

The square is a 5x5 (5 letters by 5 letters) and comes under Geburah (the 5th sephira). If you dont know what that means then look it up for yourself!

Quick overview....
We have the following sephira covered....

Geburah - No.5, this is done with the Abramelin square

Hod - No.8, this is linked with his birthdate and demonstrated by his loud mouth nature

Malkuth - No.10, this is linked via gematria because of the mathematical value of his name

Get a hold of a diagram of the Tree of Life and look at the relation of those sephira to each other. If we manage to factor in Kether and Binah we will have created a path from 1 to 10 using the left hand pillar - severity.

So let's say we factor in one of the Shem Ha-Mephorash God aspects as the Kether part and make Saturday as the day of ritual to factor in Binah, we could say the chain is complete.

Whoa ace! Dont think its that easy!
We still have to factor in the 'what ifs' as well as preparing our case to present to God.

If it was just a matter of wishing people dead do you think you would still be here?
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Re: magic by leon
Post # 4

Now it's time to refer to the Shem Ha-Mephorash to decide which God form in bring into our ritual. There are 72 of them...

Scroll down till you find this text...
Here are 3 versions of the 72 names in English letters. ( there are more )

Now off-hand I have picked the following...

God the Creator - Hariel (No.15)
God who erects the Universe - Hakamiah (No.16)
God the Redeemer - Pahaliah (No.20)
God who punishes the Wicked - Jerathel (No.27)
God prompt to aid - Reiiel (No.29)
God in three persons - Hahahel (No.41)
Mover of all things - Sealiah (No.45)

You can also refer to numbers 53, 71 and 72

As you can see there is a variety to choose from and it also brings in a variety of factors. Each of the God aspects/forms (or Angels if you wish) has a star sign assigned to it and in doing so has planetary factors as well as other factors assigned to it as well.

So you can add more strands to the cord as you need or wish, you should only add the strand if it is absolute. You cannot (or should not) use 'fuzzy math' just to add something on. In fact it would be best to have only a couple of factors which are absolute rather than an avalanche of iffy factors. Keep it as simple as possible and only expand as you gain the knowledge and experience to do so.

There are 2 schools of thought on the astrological aspects of the Shem Ha-Mephorash. This is to do with the order, myself....I see and know Vehuiah to be the 1st and the astrological sign to be Aries.

Look up the aspects yourselves, you need to discover for yourselves that which is required to be known before you go any further. This you should do because I aint going to give you a shrink wrapped/no thinking required explaination.
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Re: magic by leon
Post # 5

Now let us review our selections in order to decide the timing of the ritual.
You will rarely find everything just happens to fall in place as you want so you have to do some adjusting, it depends on how quick you wish to do it.

We'll go by zodiac signs that are governed by the aspects

God the Creator - Hariel (No.15) Gemini
God who erects the Universe - Hakamiah (No.16) Gemini
God the Redeemer - Pahaliah (No.20) Cancer
God who punishes the Wicked - Jerathel (No.27) Leo
God prompt to aid - Reiiel (No.29) Leo
God in three persons - Hahahel (No.41) Libra
Mover of all things - Sealiah (No.45) Scorpio
God who humbles the proud - Nanael (No.53) Sagittarius
God, master of the Universe - Haiel (No.71) Pisces
Mumiah (No.72) Pisces

We are looking at planetary influences so we match up a star sign to complement the planets in play that we will be using. Mars and Saturn are good for doing bad things and Mercury is good for speed and just by coincidence they are all found in the left hand pillar of the Tree of Life.

Looking at the zodiac.....

Aries Ram March 21 - April 19
Taurus Bull April 20 - May 20
Gemini Twins May 21 - June 20
Cancer Crab June 21 - July 22
Leo Lion July 23 - August 22
Virgo Virgin August 23 - September 22
Libra Balance September 23 - October 22
Scorpio Scorpion October 23 - November 21
Sagittarius Archer November 22 - December 21
Capricorn Goat December 22 - January 19
Aquarius Water Bearer January 20 - February 18
Pisces Fish February 19 - March 20

It would seem that either.....
God the Creator - Hariel (No.15) Gemini
God who erects the Universe - Hakamiah (No.16) Gemini

Would be the go if I was planning to do it sometime from May 21 - June 20 as this is the closest timeframe to the present time. But I am more concerned with conflicts and complements between planets and zodiac signs.

Anyway I've chosen....
Mover of all things - Sealiah (No.45) Scorpio

Reasons being that it the star sign complements the Mars aspect that is needed for the ritual, it also is governed by Pluto if the appropriate zodiac hour (7 am/pm or Scorpio hour on Mars hour = Pluto hour) matches the Mars hour.
Pluto is the planet for transformation

Now we go to this site....

So I've chosen 22nd May (Tuesday) [2012 btw...] to act and according to the calculator based on Sydney, Australia I get 2 shots on that day.

06:54 - 07:42
19:10 - 20:19

The preferrable time is in the morning, the star signs have 6 God forms assigned to them.
3 by day and 3 by night, Sealiah is a daytime form and is the 3rd of the 3.
Dividing the zodiac hour (06:54 - 07:42 = 48 minutes /3 = 16 minutes)
So you have the time from 07:26 - 07:42 to make your pitch directly at Sealiah, you can begin your ritual earlier in the Mars/Scorpio hour but your main pitch should be done in the 16 minutes from 07:26 - 07:42

But it aint over in calculating planetary times yet....we still have the talisman to do....among other things
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Re: magic by leon
Post # 6

The talisman has to be prepared before the ritual at which it will be consecrated. The talisman will be made during certain planetary/zodiac hours.
Lets look at the one I've chosen....

Pretty straight forward...on one side, but what about the other?
This is where we personalise it to the target.
Seeing as the talisman is a 5x5 kamea (magic square) it comes under Mars, so we have the written talisman (or intent) on one side and on the other we will have the numerical values on the other. From this and applying a type of gematria/cryptography we create sigils from the name of the target. This is a type of 'signature' of the occult realm, it could not identify anyone else as a rule and definitely wouldnt when it comes to ritual.
Here is the kamea

The name is Clinton Richard Dawkins
Applying AIQ BEKAR results in this....(depending on your Hebrew transliteration of non-Hebrew names, you'll have to look up AIQ BEKAR for yourself to get an understanding. It is also called the Kabbalah of the 9 chambers)
You get this.....

Or you could use Western numerology....

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

And you get this...

Although the Aiq Bekar is the preferred system because you used it in the numerology application to his name (PART 2) you should only really apply what you know to be absolute and know how it is to be applied. If you cant explain it to anyone else then how will you explain its use when you are asking God for favour?
As long as the proceedures you use are in similar vein and do not contradict each other then you should be fine, remember keep it simple within reason.

So now you have an idea of what you want written, so when to write it?
You could do it a week before your ritual with the same planetary/zodiac hours. But I want to bring in a calculating effort into it, I want to bring in a Saturn aspect so as to be grinding.
Well Dawkins is an Aries and that sign is in detriment when it interacts with Saturn, so on the 13/5 from 11:51 - 1:00 would be good. It doesnt have to be any specific date, just the aspects of the hours.

So when you work out which hours to do the talisman, then you have to decide how you will apply it. You have to make an effort, show that you are sincere. It is best to get the talisman (or multiples of the talisman) as close as possible in physical proximity to the target or if possible touch him with it on bare skin and preferrably without him knowing it.
I'll explain later...
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Re: magic by leon
Post # 7

We have an idea on when to construct a talisman, but in order to put it into practice we need a means of delivering it.
You could touch the target directly if possible, but it is unlikely that you will get such a chance. So you have to deliver or at least attempt to deliver your talisman 'payload' by other means, I came up with these ideas.....

* Postal Mail - If you knew a postal address at which the target would pick up mail you could send the talisman within a letter. The preferable method would be to make the talisman on a blank sheet of paper using an 'invisible ink' made from herbs and other plant aspects assigned to one of the preferred planets. The target would indeed touch it and most likely have no idea of what it is if they could make it out. Get bonus points if you make the 'ink' using infected water/saliva as the base (such as flu)

* Proximity - If you didnt know the targets residential or workplace address but knew the vicinity of them you could place talismans (preferably 'invisible') in that area. Places to do this would be in commercial areas (shopping malls) as well as other areas used by the public in general, much like a poster/leaflet run.

* Cyber - The internet, I believe, can be used in this. A talisman could be made on a word processing program such as Word, then it could be copy/paste into one of those stegnagraphy programs and hidden in a pic such as jpeg, bmp, tif or similar file. You could then email it or post it on a forum that you know the target uses.

You get the idea.......

Just out of interest looking at Dawkins as the target brings up the following...

The paths involved in doing the spell on Dawkins uses 5 sephira in addition to 4 other paths. All up there are 9 paths of wisdom involved

1. Kether - Union with God
12. Healing
3. Binah - Vision of sorrow
18. Enchantment
5. Geburah - Vision of Power
23. Talismans
8. Hod - Vision of Splendor
31. Evocation and pyromancy
10. Malkuth - Vision of Holy Guardian Angel

This sort of stuff will most probably only be of interest to those who have an idea about practical kabbalah. But my intention in writing up this ritual is not to kill Dawkins but to break his will.
All indications so far says this ritual would be a winner for anyone who wanted to do it, but it would be best to have an extremely good idea about how it works or know someone such as an old fashioned priest in order to carry it out.

So we have the High Magic aspect more or less done, now it is time for the Low Magic aspect.
That will be next
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Re: magic by leon
Post # 8

Youve seen what the High magic aspect involves, now it is time for the Low magic one. Both High and Low magic are of the same value and complement each other, so what is Low magic? You ever heard of voodoo dolls?
So yes it is time for an arts and crafts class, although you might find this to be childish it is infact necessary but not compulsory. Remember we are seeking to make as many symbolic links as possible because we are trying to map the non-physical with the physical or 'making the invisible - visible'

So if we are seeking to make a doll we could make one out of anything (they should be made, not bought. Think of it as a piece of art, you put your emotions into it and it becomes physical.)
Myself, I prefer to make one out of a cardboard tube such as one you would get from a paper towel roll. You could download, scale and print a pic from the net for the face of the target. Then you can hand paint the body part or use other printouts.
Looking at the target Dawkins you could even go so far as even to baptise the doll in his name. After all, he has renounced God and in a defacto way has renounced his baptism.
Next you make a coffin for the doll, whether you use an old shoebox or make one is fine out of wood or cardboard it will be fine (dont use plastic/rubber). Next we paint it red on the inside and out, followed by painting 5 black crosses on the outside.
One each on the head/foot sides, one each on the lid/bottom sides, now we place the doll inside face down with the coffin facing East. The 5th cross is painted on the left side of the coffin leaving the right side blank.
We then paint 5 matching crosses in the inside.
5 crosses would represent Geburah, another 5 would bring the total to 10 which would represent Malkuth.

Next you get a long piece of black string or wool, you loosely tie knots in the string and tighten it with spite when you finish saying a curse.

The doll and coffin will be present at the ritual along with the talisman/s, during the ritual you will tie the string around the doll. After the ritual you will bury the coffin facing East preferrably at a crossroads in a park/nature trail. Even better would be if you did this in an area where the target walked, if he walked upon his own 'grave' physically he would also be doing so symbolically.

This of it this way, a sailing ship needs sails in order to catch the wind (High magic) to make it move. But you also need an anchor (Low magic) to make it stay in a certain place. You are just the captain, success or ruination depends on your planning and decisions for action.
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Re: magic by leon
Post # 9

Let's look at our checklist so far......

God form/Angel - Sealiah
Sephira - Kether
Timing - 22/05/2012 - Tuesday, aspect Mars
- 06:54 - 07:42 (aspect Mars/Scorpio or Pluto) with specific pitch at 07:26 - 07:42
High magic - Talisman/s
Low magic - Doll/coffin
World - Briah

Some further notes....
God form/Angel - Sealiah
You can read more about him on
Myself I think the site is a bit hippy with some of the info but is basically correct. You may wonder what the 221-225 degrees is all about, well that would be the direction you will face when you perform the ritual in.......

Kether - This sephira is represented by the number 1 and the colour white.
NB - When you perform a ritual using the Shem Ha-Mephorash you should only utilise the particular God form from the Shem and not mix in aspects normally associated with a particular sephira. In Kether the God name is Eheieh Asher Eheieh and the Angel is Metatron, so we will not be calling on them because we are calling on Sealiah from the Shem.

Now using due East as 0 degrees we go clockwise until 221-225 which would be roughly West South West, this is the direction you will face while performing the ritual. Use a compass to get as accurate a reading as possible. You will have an altar of some sort, depends on what you can get I suppose but anything such as a bedside table or any piece of furniture should be fine as long as you make an effort to clean it up etc. (remember you get rewarded on effort rather than appearance).
A white tablecloth or similar to cover it should be fine, you should also have some white or mostly clothing cleaned and set aside for the ritual. You will also want a white candle or 2 and some incense, for Kether it is ambergris but I find that an incense not associated with other sephira should suffice. Myself, I have never been able to find ambergris so I used a combination of Opium and Frankincense

Timing - Seems pretty much OK, when using the net for these types of sites bear in mind that those doing the calculating may have based their programs for a specific or their specific geographical location, you should compare with various sites and see which time they lean towards as you might have to make an allowance for as much as 5 minutes.

High magic - Talisman is a Mars kamea so if it isnt to be done in an 'invisible' ink make from herbs/plants associated with Mars then it should be done in the colour red. A red and black (Saturn) combo should be OK as long as the dominant colour is red.

Low magic - Same applies in relation to colour, but I trust that you made both the talisman/s and doll/coffin at the appropriate planetary hours.

World - Briah
Colour representing Kether in Briah is white

Now listen up!
If you think I am going to provide you with a colour by numbers type magic set in which you put in no effort but expect instant answers you will be mistaken.
If you want a shrink wrapped setup which requires no thinking - become a marxist.
Have you come to the conclusion that it isnt as easy as it seems?
That it seems like something a priest would do went setting up a Mass?
You may find yourself having to extend your timeframe in which to do something like this, remember who you will be performing for. You will either get an ultimate high or an ultimate low...such as the local bum living in the park screaming at pidgeons.
Serious stakes in a serious game
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Re: magic by leon
Post # 10

Now its time to write the ritual.
First of all we have to decide what the actual aim of the ritual is. In this exercise I dont aim to kill Dawkins, rather I would have him publicly repent of his apostasy. This ultimately will be good for him and good for others who would give up on such a despicable lifestyle and it will be good for those who avoid contemplating such a decision to serve their ego above all.
Another factor is that I would pick Dawkins to jump ship, lets face it he knows he will be hitting the dirt soon enough. He also isnt as fashionable as he once was, long gone are the days of university bimbos lining up to blow him and the same could be said about the bucketloads of cash he got for writing shitty books.

So first we have to address the entity/persona we intend to ask, that being Sealiah. In addressing Sealiah we are to address by all the names we know him by, this is to ensure that we know who we are addressing. We cannot proceed if we have any doubt about who we are petitioning, if so then doubt will be throughout the ritual...and it will fail.

So we say...

"I call upon you
Sealiah, SaALaYA, Samech Alef Lamed, SaALa, Sehaliah,
Deus Motor omnium - The God who stirs all men
I petition you to witness and enact on my ritual
I call upon you in good faith, for I am a servant of the Most High
My cause is just, please accept my cause and my rite"

Sealiah also has a psalm associated with him, all the Shem do.
For Sealiah it is Psalm 94

"I offer Psalm to you Sealiah"

Now you say the Psalm.

Next you identify who you wish to curse...

"I call upon you Sealiah to act upon an avowed enemy of God and the faithful his name is Clinton Richard Dawkins also known as Richard Dawkins. He was born on the 26th of March 1941 in Nairobi, Kenya Colony. His father being Clinton John Dawkins and his mother being Jean Mary Vyvyan née Ladner. He has been the husband to Marian Stamp Dawkins and Eve Barham and is the husband of Lalla Ward. He is the father of Juliet Emma Dawkins.
This is the man that I accuse of being an avowed enemy of God and the faithful.
This is the man I ask you to enact upon."

Next we propose how he is to be dealt with.....

"Sealiah, I want to see him repent of his atheism, to renounce it completely and disown those who wish to continue with such a despicable filthy lifestyle. O Sealiah I ask that you break his arrogance and break his will and that he publicly renounces his atheism and acknowledges the God of Abraham as the only GOD of all without exception. O Sealiah, bear down on him exceedingly until he does these things. This I ask.

Next would be another Psalm, its really up to you to decide. Myself I would go for Psalm 109

Now we have basically made our petition and now will close the ceremony.

"O Sealiah, may your name be blessed and praised by all. I ask for your help because you can do what I have asked. Will you help? Will you do this for me? If I have offended you in my request please understand that I do not mean to. Let there be no ill will between us if this is the case, if there is offence then I do apologise. Your virtues are just and I trust in your ability, governance, and goodwill. I am faithful to the Most High, the Creator of All.
I am true to the God of Abraham. Amen"

"Hail and farewell Sealiah
Hail and farewell The God who stirs all men
Hail and farewell ArchAngels and Angels
Hail and farewell to all those who have witnessed this ritual
Blessing be upon all of you
Hail and farewell"

Seeing as the Mars/Scorpio or Plutonic hour is 06:54 - 07:42 and the specific time for Sealiah is 07:26 - 07:42 we would be hard pressed to do the ritual within the specific time for Sealiah. As Sun is the next hour after Mars I would be willing to let the ritual spill over into the Sun hour. As for the time from 06:54 - 07:26 I would consider reciting Psalm 119 as that takes about 20 mins.

Ultimately you have to tailor the ritual to what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Dont be afraid to experiment, after all you will be putting yourself before God. It is between you and him,...not you and me or anyone else for that matter.
Writing out the ritual isnt the end of it, you still have to enact on it.
Learn the Qabbalistic cross and the sign of the Zelator.
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