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Seeking expert advice

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Seeking expert advice
Post # 1
I find that I have deep feelings for a deeply troubled friend who clearly has difficulty loving himself, let alone anyone else. I would love for us to move from a struggling friendship to a healthy romantic & passionate relationship. I want only what is best for him. I believe we are soul mates, brought together for a reason. I find that his suffering causes me to suffer. His self-destructive behavior has led him to return to the arms of a manipulative, crazy & abusive ex girlfriend who used to stalk him, causing him to shiver in fear, blockading himself in his home. I've never met anyone who changes the locks on all their doors & changes their phone number twice to get rid of someone, then invites them back into their life. He admits to being afraid of her again, & drowning his fears in bourbon rather than accepting my offers to assist him in finding his strength & taking charge of his life again. His paranoia has caused him to even fear me at this point. Can anyone recommend some spells to restore the positive energy that once existed between us so that we may both move forward in peace & love? I've looked through all kinds of spells for love, health, you name it... I can see that many are pure rubbish, but my magic is weak as all of this has weakened my mind. I'm not experienced enough to weed through all of them to find the right set to achieve my desired ends.
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Re: Seeking expert advice
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Dont trust no one. If you need an expert advice, then I recommend tha5you should join a coven. The priest/ess and the council in one coven is knowledgeable at many things regarding magick. Again, dont trust no one nor contact an email. Contacting via email may cost you alot of money.
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Re: Seeking expert advice
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Agree, don't listen to anyone who contacts you with email or saying they will cast for you.

This reminds me of my friends. I have a friend who was dating this guy on and off for many years. They met online but his manipulation and hold was so great she left school for a semester because he didn't trust her going to school so she spent 6 months locked in her room constantly on her webcam. They would break up and he would try killing himself [once he sent her a live video] and they would get back together eventually to follow the same pattern. About two years ago my other friend [who had been in love with her for years] finally asked her out and they started dating. I'm sorry to say it didn't have a happy ending for him. My female friend was contacted by the abusive ex who said he changed [his old doctor had been giving him the wrong medication for a mental disorder he was born with, his new medication fixed everything and he wanted her back] after a few months of talking they got back together, they're now married with a kid [and yes he is completely different, but I do keep an eye out for her] our friend who loved her for all those years was destroyed by the heartbreak and is just coming around now.

The point is a. Love isn't logical, b. If the person doesn't know themself they will repeat behaviour, c. Don't go in with your eyes shut. Just because you date doesn't mean he will love you forever.

If you really love him, instead of casting over him to make him yours, talk with him, and try to help him understand himself, build himself up, and move on. Don't manipulate him [which can ne hard if you want him badly] be there, and be prepared that he might return to her. You need to also ask yourself if its all worth it. You should look inside yourself as well and figure out what you want and why.

Magickally, I would do cleansings, protection, maybe healing, but to help him with his demons, not to make him do what you want.
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Re: Seeking expert advice
Post # 4
Control & manipulation are not what I seek - that is part of the evil of the woman he is with. Cleansing, protection & healing are what is needed. I only hope that through this comes clarity & he is able to comprehend a love that is pure. I have asked myself many times if he is worth the trouble & the heartache. The heart says one thing, the mind another. It comes down to one simple truth - if I abandon my faith in his ability to overcome his demons, there is no one left in this world to believe in the goodness of his soul, no one left to remind him that it IS there.
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