Ritual Calligraphic Set

Ritual Calligraphic Set

Ritual Calligraphic Set

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A distinguished writing set assembled by Lo Scarabeo that can be utilized for any formal writing, calligraphy, ritual/spell work, or ink drawing. This ten piece writing set includes; a burgundy feather writing quill, six interchangeable quill tips for different styles of writing and ink flow, an ink pot full of black ink, a silver sealing wax candle with a pure cotton wick, and a brass hand seal featuring an interwoven pentacle and crescent moon. The brass seal can be unscrewed from its wooden handle and replaced by any of the brass seals from our Spiritual Sealing Wax Kit (item BSWSPI) while our Sealing Wax Refill Kit (item BSWREF) may also be used in conjunction with this writing set.

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