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Name: Notda0ne
Location: Fayetteville, PA
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I describe myself as Pantheistic - I believe in a higher power that has neither sex nor personality, but is the underlying truth or common thread at the base of every religion. Change is the only constant, but God is the driving force behind that change. Love & goodness are inherent. Evil exists only in the negative aspects of human nature. My faith is based on my personal experiences, thus I am inclined to avoid organized religions of all sorts. While this is the theory behind my spirituality, the fact is that it is often difficult to maintain faith all on your own. I see magic/prayer/meditation as a means to communicate with this higher power, though I generally only turn to it in the greatest hours of need - not that I don't give thanks for blessings I have received. I would like to practice more regularly and reconnect with both my spirituality and myself.