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Ouija board help
Post # 1

Oh, man I can't believe I am actually writing about this nonsense... *facepalms*

I volunteer for a historical society which works to preserve and open historical sites to the public. One of the sites we work on is an old church. The site was originally a stone circle (back in approx. 800 AD). The original church was built in 1240 and incorporated the pagan standing stones. The structure was supposedly hit and destroyed by lightening in 1791 and it was rebuilt. Behind the church are a set of steps which lead to some sort of pagan ritual site. (Local legends say it's where the druids performed human sacrifices but because of the positioning of the sacred pool and the footprints carved in the rock, it's more likely it had something to do with the old kings. It's all guesstimation though). There's also the Knights' Grave, which is an old gravestone with a bowl in the top. Supposedly, it's the grave of the knight who christianised the site and it's meant to be good luck to put a coin in the bowel. Sorry I digressed... (it's a really awesome place. There are lots of offerings in the trees and it has such awesome energy).

Anyway, because of all the stories (and the internet perpetuating these stories) the place attracts crazy fluff like no tomorrow. Our job is to help keep the steps and graves free of weeds and and things. As we were weeding yesterday, one of my collegues noticed freshly dug dirt by the back of the church wall. Some idiot had buried their ouija board there. Normally I would just leave it there but the site is lisited (for all the reasons mentioned above) and it was making the people who actually use the church uncomfortable (which I find bizarre because their church is built on a pagan worship site so a ouija board shouldn't be a big deal). Nevertheless, as the resident not-silly-enough-to-be-afraid-of-ouija-boards I've been tasked with getting rid of it. (If I find this idiot... that person owes me big time...).

I googled ways to get rid of a ouija board and looked through the forums but they all seemed to be focused on undoing mistakes. I don't buy into the the whole "demons will eat you if you use a board" but I certainly see the boards as a tool. If it were my tool, I'd feel comfortable saying a quick chant and binning it because I know I don't work with negative energies but I have no idea who/what has been using this board nor why they felt the need to bury it.

Long story short, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for getting rid of this stupid thing. I've read the you should burn it, that you DO NOT burn it under any circumstance, that you should dowse it in holy water, break it into seven peices and bury it, that you should find a poor fool to give it to. All these suggestions seem ridiculous... but either way I certainly don't want to keep it.

Thank you for reading this post and any help you give. :)

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Re: Ouija board help
Post # 2

Everyone will tell you different things! XD

If you feel it has a negative association you could bury it, burn it or douse with holy water and toss in the trash. A Ouija board is just another tool to communicate with spirits. It itself is not harmful or evil. Don't worry too much. Half the people that freak over ouija boards are just perpetuating negativity by focusing on it so heavily. It will not harm you any more than any other object. Best of luck with the church :)


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Re: Ouija board help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Boy do I feel sorry and yet jealous of you. [Jealous because its a cool job you have, sorry because of the ouija situation.]

I've never had to destroy a board, but try cleansing it with salt or vinegar to remove all energy, then burn it in a sacred fire. That way all its magickal properties have been taken away. It's when someone contacts a 'demon' panics and destroys the board that the energy is released. Get rid of the energy and you're dealing with fancy wood.

I believe in the board, but I also know of the logical reasoning behind it, and it baffles me that people still fear it like some instant demon possession machine. Just touching the board won't do anything, you need to put energy into it. Anyway, good luck to you.
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Re: Ouija board help
Post # 4

:) Thanks guys. In the end, I blessed it with salt like you suggested and buried again (this time not on a historic site). I'm still kinda shocked that someone would be so disrespectful but whatever. The world is full of idiots.

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