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Tarot card question.

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Tarot card question.
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Tarot card question.
Post # 1
I heard that you should not buy a deck online.
But a lot of people buy theirs online
I don't see how you can get a deck not online. Unless you make it.

So are you able to buy one online? Or is that a bad thing?
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Re: Tarot card question.
Post # 2

It's a personal preference whether you want to buy yours online or not. Some people think that you have to have a personal bond or connection with the cards in order for them to have accurate readings. It's really your choice.

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Re: Tarot card question.
Post # 3
its up to you. i've brought many decks both in person and online. personally i haven't noticed a difference in the connection. just choose a deck that you are in love with.
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Re: Tarot card question.
Post # 4
Depending on where you live, there are pagan bookstores that will usually carry, well, books, lol. They also have other supplies as you may assume. The link on my profile leads to a website of my local bookstore.. There are more than this one though, I am sure.
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Re: Tarot card question.
Post # 5
I bought most of my decks online, the deck itself is not magickal or effective, it is but a tool to bring out your own inherent intuition and ability to perform divination.
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Re: Tarot card question.
Post # 6

I bought mine at local stores, however you can buy them online if that is what you wish. It's usually a personal prefrence to whether or not you wish to buy them online or at a store of your chosing. They sell them at books a million even, at the one I am located near at. I am sure you can find some tarot decks online or at a local store which sells items in relation to.

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Re: Tarot card question.
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

Hi Cem, as the others have said, I feel it is a personal preference. Although there are few different thoughts on the matter.

Some believe that you are NEVER to BUY your deck. That a deck is to come to you 'naturally', as in fate. It will be given to you, or made by you, or found by you.

Others feel that you can buy them, but it must be done in person. This is usually due to the belief that you need to see the deck, pick it up, hold it, in that way you are better able to gage the vibe of the deck while it's being touched by you.

Still others (and this a vastly growing number) feel you can can buy them online as well.

Finally, there are those who (as Hadit pointed out) feel that the deck itself has no inherit gifts/powers of their own. That it doesn't matter where, or how, you acquire your deck, it's how you use them. It's your power and ability that make the deck powerful.

Personally, I feel that it's not so much a deck that has power, but that they do collect and have energy. This can come from anything, whether it's from their making or their existence prior to you getting them.

Take for instance that you buy a deck second hand, but say that deck was never used and sat in a dark closet or basement, or perhaps the deck had been misused. That deck may have picked up "unwanted" energy, through no fault of its own, so to speak. Not that you can't buy that deck, as it can sometimes be "saved" or "reborn", but this usually takes time, effort, and much power and understanding on your part. It's likened to adopting a once abuse dog, there is nothing wrong with the dog, and they can be rehabilitated, but it's a strong person to do this.

Personally, my first deck (a standard Rider deck) was given to me by my mother. This deck had also been given to her.

My second deck (an animal totem deck) I bought at a crystal shop. This shop had several different decks but I was drawn to this particular deck, despite the fact the shop had a few of this exact same deck. There was something about that one deck that just "spoke" to me. I had to have it.

In truth, I have had no difference in "performance" from either deck. I think it has more to do with you and how you relate and treat your cards (whatever they may be) that really makes the difference.

So if you want to buy them online, go for it. If you feel that there is a power, or connection between you and the deck then there are a few things you can do to insure you buy the deck that's right, and closest to you.

First, simply look at the decks, do any draw your attention more than others?

Second, if you find one that you really love, or feel drawn to, take a moment to sit there. Close your eyes and image using them, holding them, looking at them. Can you see yourself doing those things easily, with enjoyment, and love?

Thirdly, bring up a larger picture of that deck (if available). Place your hand on the screen. Close your eyes if that feels like the right thing to do. Do you feel anything?

I once was told a true story of a witch that suddenly got the intense urge to go to a city, one she had never visited before. But because she was intuitive and listened to her instincts she went. She didn't know why she was there, but she just started walking around the city, eating here, shopping there. Until she came upon a wiccan shop. It was there that she found a beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind tarot deck.

I believe that our power and connection can transcend anything, even technology. ;) In the end do what feels right, natural, and comfortable to you. You are your best guide in these things.

Wow, this reply turned out much longer than I had planned, lol. In any case, I hope it helps. :)

Peace Be With You,

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Re: Tarot card question.
Post # 8

i have heard this but find that it makes no difference personally. i have also heard that people will refuse to buy decks if they thing other people have touched them in a store, but also find that to not bother me either. go with what calls you

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