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Seeing as how there are many stanzas in each part of the Eddas, I will
break down as best I can each Edda into groups of stanzas that will not
break a sense of continuity. The 1st I shall break down into these groups
is Voluspo, which is uttered by a Volva (wise-woman) to Odin. The following groups of
stanzas I shall post as I have time, life is pretty hectic right now. Enjoy!

Voluspo: stanzas 1-7~ the past & creation.

1: Hearing I ask / from the holy races
From Heimdall's sons, / both high and low;
Thou wilt, Valfather / that I well relate
Old tales I remember / of men long ago.

2: I remember yet / the giants of yore,
Who gave me bread / In the days gone by;
Nine worlds I knew / the nine in the tree
With mighty roots / beneath the mold.

3: Of old ways was the age / when Ymir lived;
Sea nor cool waves / nor sand there were.
Earth had not been, / nor heaven above,
But a yawning gap, / and grass nowhere.

4: Then Bur's sons lifted / the level land,
Mithgarth the mighty / there they made;
The sun from the south / warmed the stones of earth,
And green was the ground / with growing leeks.

5: The sun, the sister / of the moon, from the south
Her right hand cast / over heaven's rim;
No knowledge she had / where her home should be,
The moon knew not / what might was his,
The stars knew not / where their stations were.

6: Then sought the gods / their assembly-seats,
The holy ones / and council held;
Names they gave / to moon and twilight,
Morning they named / and waning moon,
Night and evening, / the years to number.

7: At Ithavoll met / the mighty gods,
Shrines and temples / they timbered high;
Forges they set, and / smithied ore,
Tongs they wrought, / and tools they fashioned.

The following stanzas relate to the creation of the dwarves. Hope to post the
next group as soon as I can!
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Re: Voluspo
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Stanzas 8-16, Voluspo
The following stanzas deal with the creation of dwarves.

8: In their dwellings at peace / they played at tables,
Of gold no lack / did the gods then know, --
Till thither came / up giant-maids three,
Huge of might, / out of Jotunheim.

9: Then sought the gods / their assembly-seats,
The holy ones, / and council held,
To find who should raise / the race of dwarfs
Out of Brimir's blood / and the legs of Blain.

10: There was Mofsoquir /the mightiest made
Of all the dwarfs / and Durin next;
Many a likeness / of men they made,
The dwarfs in the earth, / as Durin said.

11: Nyi and Nithi, / Northri and Suthri,
Austri and Vestri / Althjof, Dvalin,
Nar and Nain / Niping, Dain,
Bifur, Bofur, / Bombur, Nori,
An and Onar, / Ai, Mjothvitiur.

12: Vigg and Gandalf), / Vindalf, Thrain,
Thekk and Thorin, / Thror, Vit and Lit,
Nyr and Nyrath,--/ now I have told--
Regin and Rathsvith--/ the list aright.

13: Fili ,Kili, / Fundin, Nali,
Heptifili, / Hannar, Sviur,
Frar, Hornbori, / Fraeg and Loni,
Aurvang, Jarri, /Eikinskjaldi.

14: The race of dwarfs / in Dvalin,'s throng
down to Lofar / the list I must tell;
The rocks they left, / and through wet lands
They sought a home / in the fields of sand.

15: There were Dranpuir / and Dolgthrasir,
Hor, Haugspori, / Hlevang, Gloin, Dori and Ori,
Duf, Andvari, / Skirfir, Virfir, / Skafith, Ai,

16: Alf and Yngvi, Eikinskjaldi,
Fjalor and Frosti, / Fith and Ginnar;
So for all time / shall the tale be known,
The list of all / the forebears of Lofar.

Next group: the creation of men and Yggdrasil.
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