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Name: Gannon_Rapta
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I Have always been drawn to the Arcane. My main areas of interest/ study are Animism/ shamanism, Earth-magick,and healing with herbs & potions. I have a strong devotion to Earth and her children of all forms. I am an eager learner, always poised to absorb knowledge. While I am open-minded and love a good intellectual debate, I have no desire to battle wits with un-armed people.There is more hope of resurrecting a dead horse by beating it than wasting time and energy on fools. This aspect of my Aquarian nature may make me seem harsh and aloof, but I am not in actuality at all like that. I am just focused. My goal is to one day have the ability to teach what I know, heal others and be able to defend my beloved Home. As to a patron Deity, I am not tied to a particular one at present. My research I hope will enlighten all, as it has me. I am also here to meet like-minded kindred souls, and hope to make friends with some of you. Blessed Be, and feel free to contact me if you desire. Oh,I am an Aquarius,and in Chinese astrology I was born under the sign of the Tiger, more specifically the Wood Tiger.I also have a green thumb, and love growing and cultivating plants. We are all brothers and sisters, let us all share like a family. I do not tolerate disrespect,hostility or intolerance of another's views or beliefs, personal attacks on character, sexual orientation, education level or anything of a related sort. This is me in a nutshell. Some Basic things one should understand and possess, this is just my humble opinion: (It is helping me keep my feet on the ground, so to speak) * Physics~this will help with understanding that the physical laws the universe are governed by cannot be altered~ ergo, one cannot transmute metals, "freeze" time, or create something that did not exist prior,nor can one alter genetics/ anatomy with magick. There are scientific methods and professionals that can achieve this (just the surgeries, not the other things). And no amount of magick,science or wishful thinking will turn one into a mythical creature, ever. Not possible. * Chemistry~ this will aid in understanding the basic building blocks of life itself. More importantly, it will aid in the creation/ use of potions/ remedies related to healing. One needs not a degree, and people can and will suffer adversely due to improper practice. With the rise of lawsuits, it is wise to know before attempting such things. You do not want to lose your home, means of living nor possibly end up incarcerated. * A love of research/ learning. This is a must, as one cannot advance on their path without these qualities. The things learned will enlighten and empower you, and you will build a foundation of knowledge that is truly stable. Knowledge is indeed power! To be honest, I would rather be the book and research nerd that I am than a berserker or athlete. First, I am an old man, and second, the brain doesn't have a shelf life like the body tends to. *A lonely bookshelf with an insatiable desire to be filled with lots of books. Bookshelves need love too :) *A humble attitude. There will be mistakes made, spells that fail, and misspoken or misinformed statements; this is normal. Learning is a process, and it is the attitude we manifest that betrays our character. I Personally look forward to criticism, that I may adjust my information. Bonus: it offers me an opportunity to dig deeper into matters I knew little about! Thus I have learned something and added more to my base of knowledge. * An open mind. Here is why~ Magick is not about just one facet/ aspect or practice. Astral projection is just as relevant as healing or summoning, all draw from the same source of energy, and hence have value. Magick is a life-long pursuit that should be explored with wonder and reverence. While I am newer on my path, I shall learn as much as I can that one day I may have the privilege to teach and see these students grow even adept than me. We can't all be teachers, but we all are students. Blessed Be :)