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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Pyrokinesis
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Post # 1
hello my name is Emily (emma for short) I've been practicing with pyrokinesis and yes it works. I can put out a flame with my mind im working on creating flames. please share with me your practices with pyrokinesis. :)

blessed be,

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 2
Sorry,but you cannot do pyrokinesis,infact,any kind of kinesis.
Pyrokinesis is controlling fire by subconscious or mind power.Elemental control is not possible.Pyrokinesis is out of human possibility right now.
Magick also does not help to accomplish such impossible things.Nor can spells neither you,can control elements.The universe has its own laws and limitations.It is physically not possible to cross the boundaries or limitations of reality!
Hence,please stop claiming to be able to accomplish such impossible things,as this might pollute the minds of those new to the art of magick and not fiction!If you still want to believe want to believe in pyrokinesis,its up to you,but stop spreading the fictional news.
"Knock at the door of common sense,if it answers back,you'll get the answer".

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 3
Yes I agree as said above anything with "kinesis" is not possible. You cannot control fire by mind. This is not like avatar the last airbender where that could happen.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 4
That's fine believe what you want I know what I can do and yes it does work you have your opinions and I have mine.

Blessed be,

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 5
As i said,you may go on with your belief,as people nowadays pay less to no attention to others words and keep on believing what they want.
Its your opinion,I know.But what I stated,that is not an opinion,but reality.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 6
Starting a fire with your mind is called pyrogenesis not pyrokinesis

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 7
I don't have any experience with pyrokinesis. However, onto the matter of belief, reality, and ect. How do we know it isn't possible? There are many mysteries of the universe, and even our own potential within it. Indeed, I believe things like this are possible, just not for everyone, and perhaps not even possible at this time. Do I believe Emmatre is telling the truth? No, I do not. I have not seen any evidence to support she is, or even that pyrokinesis exists.

However, seeing is not believing. This is a website based around the unseen, the things others can't believe, ect. Without proof of either fact or fiction, saying things like "that isn't real" will only provoke hostility. I've seen time and time again, that people say kinesis is not possible because they have not seen it, there is no proof, or even that they have tried and nothing has happened.

The only 'proof' so far is the scientific research into it, that the mind couldn't produce such energy, or along those terms. This would in fact take out the term of kinesis themselves to some degree. However, we as practitioners as much as we'd like to boast we know what energy can do, we don't. And the fact that perhaps energy, even if its not purely cerebral but instead aimed and controlled by the mind, can cause such things to happen.

I know, this seems all far fetched, it really does. However, there is many mythological, paranormal, and other resources that would state that it may be possible. My point is, if you want to tell someone you do not believe they can do something, do it without claiming you know what is real, because there are many things that we cannot know of being real or not at this point in time, regardless of how many years of practice we have, or what our UPGs say.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 8
Kosmocyde:"and perhaps not possible at this time."
Well,if you look at my reply carefully,i stated that it is not possible right now.Perhaps the same meaning,is it?
Also,the fact you told that the human mind does not produce such energies is not totally true.It is believed that the human subconscious mind is possible behind the cause,but we,humans do not have the full potential to put our subconscious mind into action to that high level.Hence,kinesis is considered to be not possible 'right now'!
Also,this is'nt a thing to debate upon.It will be considered fictional and honestly,people are tired of explaining the same thing again and again and people continue on with thier own belief and give a damn to what others say.So,you may believe what you want and do what you want,just don't pollute the forums and the minds of newbies.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 9
I was referring to the whole "not possible through magick" comment you stated above. I did see you said not possible within the human development right now. Whether it is considered fictional or not, doesn't mean it is fictional, plane and simple. Many mythologies are considered fictional by a thousands of people, and yet there are many here who consider the mythology of their path either fully true, or partially. Stating you are right, and your beliefs are truer than others, doesn't make them so. I think arrogance is a much more potent pollution, after all.

Re: Pyrokinesis
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
emetre. Of course you may believe whatever you wish. But please don't state an opinion as though it is a fact!
Your profile gives your location as Hogwarts. Oh,dear!
As you also say you can extinguish a flame by your Mind; your local fire chief would love to hear from you!

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