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Name: Kosmocyde
Location: The halls of my own mind
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My name "Kosmocyde" is a name of a frost etin I saw once while journeying. While me and this entity have not interacted very much, the name seemed fitting as my name for this website. I am not a traditional person by any means, and the path I walk is my own. I believe in the existence of many deities and spirits from many different paths and religions, as I have had interactions with Egyptian, Norse, Draconic, and other entities not typically associated to any particular practice(s). Even though many times my interaction with entities is very short, and often I don't gain much out of it, they are still very memorable experiences. Do to the path I walked, walk, and will walk, I have views on things which are generally not accepted by other practitioners. One being that nearly anything is possible. This does not mean, by any means, that I think if I try to grow wings I will. It means that as humans, as much as we like to think we know things, are just a small part of this universe and we don't actually know what is possible or impossible. There is always an argument against such things, and it could go back and forth for days, but it is my opinion that anything is possible, even if highly highly highly improbable. It doesn't mean if you claim something incredible I'll take it at face value, in fact I'll probably tell you I think you are either being stupid or role playing. However, I accept to myself that there is a chance I might be wrong and there is in fact something spectacular happening. I am a very accepting and respectful person when it comes to other peoples paths/beliefs/religion. I am not here to force what I believe on you, after all we are each different, and the paths we take reflect some of our most unique qualities.