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EeroreE The Unyeilding
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EeroreE, Dimensional Being of Obsession.

To call upon the aid of EeroreE is to call upon an obsession with anything you desire. Ex: an obsession of you from another, and obsession of a crowd with a thought. x is obsessed with y.

EeroreE can cause both negitive and positive side effects from the obsessie. Ex: they are willing to aid you. They stalk you everywhere and take pictures.

EeroreE can also become obsessed with the caster.
If this occurs be sure to worship EeroreE in the proper way, or
Dismiss EeroreE by giving it a new obsession or closing the Link.

To be in EeroreEs favor you must worship her/him with Obsessive behaviors,images, thoughts, words, physically etc.
Ex: drawings of EeroreE...tendrils rapping around a figure, can be ether female or male. EeroreE sex has always been unknown.

This worship does not mean become obsessed with EeroreE yourself, although EeroreE would probably pay more attention to you if you do.

When you ask EeroreE for aid be sure to specify the attention level and results of the obsession. If you are not, results can greatly vary.

Also be sure to prepared for a negative obsession, if you find it highly possible to occur. Certain beings are more swayed by EeroreE than others.

EeroreE feeds off of obsession. The deeper the obsession the better.

Basic ceremony to EeroreE:
1) cast whatever protection or barrier you wish etc. Its not needed normally against EeroreE.
Paper, pen, artwork, gifts. A sword,doorknob,or key.

EeroreE come forth.
the Door I open too you.
Water shaves the rock
Lovingly and unyielding.
The winter that shall never break
The sun that will always take
The Unyeilding Love

3) Open the door To EeroreE:
With this ______(key, sword, knife, etc.)!
I open the way for you.
I ask for your presence and counsel.
(make an unlocking or cut where you want the door to be)
note: this is a doorway only to EeroreE and its dimension/chamber. It is the only being that resides in that doorway.

(visualize the door opening.)
(feel the flow through the door.)

4) Getting EeroreE to present itself/her/him:

EeroreE grant me your blessings.
Please accept my offings and prayer.

(Present the artwork of EeroreE or start writing EeroreE over and over on a peice of paper untill it becomes obsessive like, or present some other offering. Chanting its name works as well. Show some form of her worship)

You will eventually feel EeroreE step through the doorway into the dimension you are in. You will know it when you it happens.

EeroreE is at first very shy. EeroreE will become more aggressive as time goes on especially it takes a liking to you.

At this point you should ask for help with your specific needs.
Be sure to be specific.
Its also a Good Idea to let EeroreE know how you plan to repay/worship it for this task.
If you do not fullfill this task , EeroreE may choose to ignore your request.


thank EeroreE for its/she/his time
and end your ceremony in what ever way you normally do.
EeroreE will complete the task as long as It is worshiped properly. If it becomes obsessed with you...worship might no longer be required.


Once you call EeroreE forth, a link will be made between you and it. You might feel obsessive thoughts and emotions as a result. Beware of this. It could cause a downward spiral. Obsession is addicting.
If you no longer wish for EeroreE to be linked to you.
You must permanently shut the portal/doorway.
There are many ways of doing this....but the more EeroreE obsesses with you the harder it will be for you to want.

Remember,This link is a two way street.
"I am Love, I will love you no matter what, Love me as I love you. Always, forever, and I will do as you wish."

Re: EeroreE The Unyeilding
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This post is from a member with absolutely nothing on his/her profile. How can we judge the post?

Re: EeroreE The Unyeilding
By: / Novice
Post # 3
The google machine doesn't have anything on EeroreE, it may not matter but I found it surprising.

Re: EeroreE The Unyeilding
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Oh I am a wicked woman, all I can think of is Eeyore from winnie the pooh in a wizard hat. Seriously though, as brysing pointed out, this is a member with a completely blank bio and other than this no forum posts or other contributions to the site. As thorleifc stated, google search comes up with noting for this EeroreE other than a link to this forum post. Tell us something of yourself and provide links or directions to some other sources about this "EeroreE, Dimensional Being of Obsession" To be honest, with the evidence see thus far, this is coming across as fantasy fiction.

Re: EeroreE The Unyeilding
By: / Novice
Post # 5
funny you say that linda, eyore from Winnie the pooh was all the google machine could spit out other than, as you said, this post

Re: EeroreE The Unyeilding
Post # 6
EeroreE? Maybe errore = mistake from the latin verb errare = to make a mistake, but really..from what creed does this dimentional being of obsession come from?
Nice call that of Winnie the Pooh, really an expert occultist =)

Re: EeroreE The Unyeilding
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

Oh and I guess I must be truly evil this morning and I look at the name of the OP and I read it as "annois = annoys"

While that might not be what the OP intended it certainly seems to fit a rather annoying post that appears drawn from fantasy. And now I'll go get my first cup of coffee so I can be pleasant the rest of the day.

Re: EeroreE The Unyeilding
Post # 8
Maybe the ritual is fluff, but it might have achived the secret intention of the person that started the tread..see the mods dark side. =)

Re: EeroreE The Unyeilding
Post # 9
When i read that title,i though you tried to write error,or maybe it would have been an error :p Eh?but you wrote it that way only.
Anyway,would you mind to provide links or other source from where it has been taken,or perhaps your little description.Gee,or i may consider what Linda said,winni the pooh?

Re: EeroreE The Unyeilding
Post # 10

I totally agree with the comments of the members above and I would suggest NOT trying this since there is portal opening involved and there arent records available of this entity,..


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