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Name: MaraXXX
Birthday: Mar 9 1991
Location: Macedonia, Skopje
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Greetings to all!

I was introduced to the occult at my early age of 6-7 by my greatest mentor- my grandmother. She is a practitioner of the dark arts - sort of dangerous folk magic. Anyway i find her deeds rather evil because it brakes the Will of one....hexes, death spells, attracting evil...etc... (no, I will not share it with anyone but will gladly discuss it with someone who has knowledge on this field)

I am open to every knowledge and nothing can satisfy my appetite for on this field. I find myself in the Eclectic way of life because i want to combine the things I learn...

I am interested in the dreams and their meaning.

Feel free to mail me with questions concerning magic topic...because the mails with one word WILL be ignored...Do you want an answer or ignore?

Thank you for your understanding.