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My Interpretation Runes
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I have heard this rune be called the God Rune. This rune is very close with the protection that Odin Gives his Followers.

Communication rune-From personal to technology. Both formal and Informal. Books words, pictures, art, sounds. Etc.

I find this rune to be connected to our anscestors and people we greatly respect. This rune has shown me how to connect to them and lead me information to my own past.

Sometimes in divination I have seen this rune show me that myself or the person I am reading may have a lack of Voice or authority. Speaks to much or to little. Or there Ancestors.

I hope this helps people!


This rune I felt alot of chaos and Aggression.

I find this rune to connect to Thor . This rune reminds me even in the worst there is a reason.

Wgen doing readings this rune shows that things are an obsticle and things are not going as planned. At times I see this rune when people are unsure where they are at or where to go. As though everything they had is broken in a figurative or literally meaning.


Connected to Ox or the Extinct Aurochs.

Uruz is connected to strength this rune has help me ground. Actually I had a very hard time grounding. Until I started to work with this rune. This is personally one rune that I work with alot.

When doing a reading I sometime see it has someone is having to much they are doing. Lack Strength or Courage. Have a Burdern. And sometimes they may have an anger issue. In some of my readings Sometimes It also shows me that there may be a lack of control or willpower.


Connected to cattle or money.

The cattle were seen as a form of wealth since you could feed them to breed them or eat them to live. Food is often connected to this rune due to nourshiment. This can me physical food or spiritual nourshiment. Emotional Substances. And for me alot of times helps me with my creative arts.

This was the first rune I connected to Wyrd.

This is one of the most common ones I work with. i stress sometimes about money. but this Rune always reassures me.

When I get this in a reading i often get that it speaks of a wealthy time or a frustating time do to Nourishment or wealth. At times the person has low selfesteem.

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Re: My Interpretation Runes
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An interesting read, and thank you, for sharing your experience.
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