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Love spells

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Love spells

Love spells
Post # 1
Hello guys! I just wanted to say something about love spells...

Love spells shouldn't be done. First of all, spells are not always standby on your life. Earn it... Then you will deserve it. Second, it is not a true love! It's like you are calling a person to love him/her for you! Thirdly, you must understand, love spells can be dangerous(if it has been cast wrongly). Forth and finally, you are messing with someone's own personal an free will! You are forcing a person to love you! It's like someone is forcing you to love the guy whom you don't love a little.

All I said is true, please 'be careful for what you wish for'. It's not a joke, it is true
Hope this helps!
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Re: Love spells
Post # 2
hi rinkx08 and all the people who continue to condemn and guilt everyone who is trying to do a love spell.
first of all not everyone has the same beliefs and ethics. also all spells and all magic is trying to change something i mean its called *munipulating* energy for Gods sake! Also if something is not meant to be then no matter how many spells are cast then this thing will not happen.
to me spells are like charged prayers and wishes that we are releasing to the universe to make our intentions clear and known. is it also unethical and immoral to pray?
we need to have hope and not kill peoples dreams and hearts desires.i am sending out positive energy and love to everyone who is heart broken or feels abandoned and hope that you guys dont lose hope and faith. spells or no spells if you truly want something and release your resistance toward it and believe in it completely it WILL manifest maybe in a even better way than u ever imagined possible.
with respect to all. i dont mean to offend anyone i am just annoyed that people who want to learn about love spells get attacked so badly and people who ask for death spells and such are being supported.

Love and blessings to all
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Re: Love spells
Post # 3
Great job Cleo ...I applaud thee.
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Re: Love spells
Post # 4

Cleo, define love spell, by saying so, do you mean on casting love spell for searching for a soul mate or attracting love as in general which by all means is a prayer to the universe to work for you and with you to grant your "wish" or image of how your life would be.... on the other hand, If you meant on targeting a specific person.... well, I say it's worth the people's condemnation and preaching on free will, because we are NOT gods... We should NOT play gods and we should certainly NOT interfere with someone's free Will... I think now you understand why our fellow Rinx was so jumpy about love spells..

Brightest blessings to all...

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Re: Love spells
Post # 5
if someone you love is in a coma and you do a healing spell to help them wake up are you playing God and interefing with free will? there is so many grey areas and exceptions and situations that only the person living them can understand. if the intention is loving i dont think theres anything wrong with it.
the point is this is my opinion and im intitled to it and i dont condemn or attack anyone who has different views or morals. we need to understand that we all are on different paths and belief systems and there should be respect for that.

Love and Blessings to All
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Re: Love spells
Post # 6
Cleo, nice to see you back in the forums. Thank you for helping and defending. For clarification that may have been missed due to anxiety of sorts from ones personal beleifs being attacked and certainly could be a source of contradiction in my spirituality right now. Not to mention its adversarial and could be a gagging offense. Love spells cannot force someone to love you. They can only enhance positive feelings for another which one already has. Not to mention fate. If its not meant to be then it wont. I think you know the old saying. If you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything at all. I hate to be like that but i feel like i gotta get your attention somehow.
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Re: Love spells
Post # 7

What is good and what is evil? It is really debatable topic and very relative in means of one's teaching due one's whole life... and i will restrain myself on further elaborating on how a love spell can be used and will only say, yes, it can make even your worst enemy love you unconditionaly.... everyone must understand that it is not the spell that matter or its clarification but the intention... thus the old rule, with every action there is reaction..... cast wisely...


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Re: Love spells
Post # 8
hi Barbi, thank you honey :) i agree with you completely if you dont have anything positive and helpful to say then its best to be silent and by the way i am def. gonna go to macys and give santa my petition papper lol :) i believe its gonna work well for me and i thank you for the creative and super cute idea.

ans mara i agree with you that intention is key and everything is relative and a matter of prespective.i just wish that people can be a bit more considerate towatds peoples feelings because some people are fragile and attacking them is uncalled for and could feel like crushing their dreams.

blessings to everyone!
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Re: Love spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: Love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Cleo, thanks for your insight and opinion, I think you hit the nail on the head and said it eloquently.

im still a bit new to all this but, spells have to do with intention. If your intention is to dominate another or you are being selfish then that's your intention. Is that what you really want to send into the universe? There will be consequences. If you are ready for those consequences then; "do what you will."

On the other hand if you want to give and understand that love is truly giving and not just taking then that is a good love intention.

Im someone who appreciates the Hellenic deities so looking at love as philia, storge, eros and agape are familiar to me. Look inside and see what it is you really want. Eros and agape are much different kinds of love.

When you cast for love is your intention to make the world better and to be given an opportunity to give and not to take?

If you really want love and want to cast for love then be aware, you are talking about what could be a lifetime of giving unconditionally.

Theres nothing wrong with that.
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