job spell success!!Thanks

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> job spell success!!Thanks

job spell success!!Thanks
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I would like to thank Obfuskate, GoddessCleo, JoMadness and anyone else who lent me their positive energy yesterday toward the spell I cast for positive movement on my job overseas.

Ive been trying to get a position overseas building fiber optic networks for a very large oil company for a very long time (since November of 2009 to be exact). I lost my current job unexpectedly a week and a half ago.

10 hours after casting my spell I received an email from my hiring manager that my app/resume are moving forward and that they want me out there by the end of January.

The spell I cast was from the website.

I used the Fehu, Dagaz, and Jara runes. I did not have a quartz but I used a tool ive used in the past to carve my runes/intentions on candles. I used a white candle instead of green and used a penny for the charm.

The runes signify wealth and change from a daily change to an overall paradigm shift sort of change.

here is the website for the Nordic runes I used:

I also called upon my guardian angel and good spirits to aid me in this regard. My gratitude and thanks to you as well!

I meditated prior to and after the cast focusing upon receiving a positive email. I was very specific in that focus and in my words when casting that I receive an email within 24 hours.

Once again, I thank anyone who read my previous post and lended their energy to my cast.

The primary reason I am posting this is my deepest gratitude and to share a positive result from the perspective of being somewhat of a newb around here.

The next step will involve a number of people including the embassy approving my paperwork. With gratitude, I will cast for that as well.

Blessings and light to you all.
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Re: job spell success!!Thanks
Post # 2
Congratulation :))
Is it possible to get all the details how u did it? My son wants to go overseas( Japan) to teach English . The program he chooses very popular hard to get in. They taking the applications in December and then he need to go trough a few interview. I would love to help him even if Im worried and I can't pic. Us being so far a way from each other... That's what he want to do so I would love to help him. You think the work u did would help him too?
If u have a few min and u don't mind can you give me the details.? ( tried to look at it in the forum but I can't find it. ) .. message me or even here it's fine.
If anybody have any other suggestion what kind of work has to be done let me know please.
Thank you:)
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Re: job spell success!!Thanks
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Thank you : )

please check your personal messages BB
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Re: job spell success!!Thanks
Post # 4
congratsssss im super happy for you! your an amazing person and you deserve the best :)
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Re: job spell success!!Thanks
Post # 5
congratulations you really tried
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