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Name: angyalka
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Hi , and thank you for visiting my profile . I'm new to magic and I'm new here as well. All off my life I felt attracted to the magick but I never made any steps to learn and study. In a last few months start reading more and more. ..and actually I start practicing as well. I know I have a lots of things to learn. :) . But that's fine with me. I believe we all here for one reason... To learn new thinks , make new friends and to make our life a little bit better. I live in Toronto but originally I'm from Hungary. (Please forgive me if my spelling not always perfect). :))) I'm friendly I like to make new friends and have a conversation about anything so if you message me at least have a subject you want to talk about. I'm not here because I have nothing better to do... I'm here to learn much I can.... So please save your energy and don't send me a "HI or how are you,or you so beautiful " etc. messages ... Thank you! My biggest interest shamanism& elements. Blessing to everyone!