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Why so many love spells?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Why so many love spells?
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Why so many love spells?
Post # 1
I get that people want to be loved but love spells are generally greatly discouraged because you're forcing someone to feel things for you, not love necessarily but things. So why are there so many people looking to find love spells and writing them anyway?
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Re: Why so many love spells?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Asking for help and looking for ways to "up" your chances with matters of the heart is not a new idea or practice.

People have been wearing certain scents, going to the local cunning woman or passing information down in the family on how to get, keep or manipulate a partner for centuries.

While everyone has an opinion as to whether or not the work should be done, it's a part of human history.

Also, keep in mind that not everyone discourages the use of love spells. It's an individual choice made based on personal opinion or spiritual belief. Thankfully, we're all different in that respect so the opinion of such a thing will never be the same. :)
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Re: Why so many love spells?
Post # 3
Fair point on the first bit. So many old bits of literature or plays that show the idea has been around for a long time.

My statement that it's generally frowned upon was based on what I've seen here and in other forums. I see a lot of that, but not a lot of people encouraging it or just warning that there may be unwanted side effects.
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Re: Why so many love spells?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
The one and only time I have done a love spell, and it is still working suprisingly, was when I was fourteen and very depressed to the point of suicide. Glad im past that, it was for general love because I felt like no one care and loved me like al teenagers go through. It worked automaticly and was like my eyes opened up. Suddenly I could see how much my family and friends cared and loved me and they started reaching out to me as if the spell was a becon that I was in a dark moment. I have always from that day seen the love I have for others and them me and feel it saved me from that dark period.
A spell like that, to open your eyes to the love around you, I can see doing. However, one to make another love you is pointless and tiering to keep up with. The more you pull that person toward you, the more thy will push away when the spell begins to ware off.
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Re: Why so many love spells?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
a few reasons why a person would cast a love spell, but the main reason is the person sees it's justified. while there are those who are older who fall for someone and decide to cast a spell, on this site, it's mostly teens, at that age hormones are all over the place so it's hard to think with a level head. a person might stop and go 'well, i'm forcing them to like me, but once we're together, we'll be happy, so it's for the greater good.'

people always say love is the greatest thing in the world, and when you're younger, you get a crush, and think it's love. plus talking to that person is a scary thought, so wouldn't it be easier if that person walked up to you and confessed their undying love just like in a movie, book, or your fantasies? enter love spells, thanks in part to the entertainment industry, many people think they just wave a wand, or drink a potion, and the person will fall into their lap.

most people need to think before they do, as well as learn about magick. sadly, most people want to get from step 1 to step 10 as quick as possible now a days, even if it means cutting out steps 2-9 to get their. the reason why there are so many is the same reason why there's a lot of comic book adaptations now, it's most requested, and gets the most views. we could sit here and talk about why love spells are morally wrong and why people shouldn't do them, but it won't really matter. one or two people might take it to heart, but the majority will skip over the however many paragraphs we spoke about why it's wrong, and ask anyway because 'it feels right.'

final point i would like to add, love spells are morally wrong depending on the person. you could take almost any spell and put the opposite spin on it, so the individual has to come to their own conclusion if love spells are right or wrong. forcing someone to do something is wrong, but some people see curses as justified if it's in defense, or retaliation. everyone's different.
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