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Name: ThoraStorm
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I have been practicing for 10 years. Mostly I follow a mix of Norse and Native American/Shamanic paths. I am a solitary and do not join covens as a rule. Though I have no problem sitting in and practicing with a coven as a guest. Personally I don't like people telling me how and when I can practice, but that's just me. I have taught people though I'm a choosey about who and when I teach. When I do teach someone I don't tell them how to do it, I simply help them find info on what they need and help them find what is the best path for them. Though I won't do the work for you, you have to work at it and find the answers yourself. I'm just a guide at times. Most my practice is focused on nature. I believe that the best tools and best places to practice with are outside. It helps I live in a place with a heavy abundance of nature. I am an open book, so you can ask me anything. I can't promise that I will answer it, but I can promise that I will not get offended and that I will answer bluntly. I am straight forward, so if you don't like my answer you shouldn't have asked me. I don't claim to be white or dark witch, fore I don't believe in either. All magick has dark and light aspects, so I find it hard to believe a person is strictly white or strictly black. Magick is magick simply put. Thus I do all sorts of magick, it just depends on what I feel like and what my goal is at the time. Though I admit, I don't do much ritual work unless its the Sabbaths. If you made it this far, congrats and thanks for taking the time to read it all. Message me if and when you want and I promise I will respond. Just be prepared for what I might say.