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Finding the truth

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Finding the truth
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Finding the truth
Post # 1
As I sit and contemplate various things that fill or world, my spirit is grieved by such an overwhelming tide of negative and harmful influences and practices. I walk each day with a mindset to allow the spirit to inspire, and to teach though various human interactions and experiences. I see religious people proclaiming their truth and I see the sad faces of those lost in despair from not finding it. Evil indeed fills our world, but my friends, the biggest evil isn’t in any religion or practice. It isn’t in any particular action or lack of action. The biggest evil on this planet is ignorance and people hurting each other through a lack of real knowledge and understanding.
Love is a word disappearing from our world. As the people lose more and more understanding of real divinity, the spirit of love slowly is fading into the darkness of manmade theologies and bias hatred towards all of God’s children. Religious people point fingers of judgment as they stand upon a mountain of lost souls that were sadly lost from the making of their own hands. The spirit of the love weeps as real seekers of truth and divinity are cast out because they don’t fit into the perfect little boxes created by the modern Pharisees of the modern churches.
There is indeed one truth, but there is not simply one path for us all. The Divine one walks each of us down various paths due to our purpose or call. Each of us learns differently and in a different way. Yes the basic truth is always the same, but the path to that truth may not always be walked by everyone at the same time. False judgments and harsh statements spoken in what folks call righteous anger can be the sword that doesn’t always divide the truth, but more so, often slays the seeking spirit of fragile butterflies that were beautiful in the eyes of God.
Is there a right and a wrong in this world – yes, there is. What we must understand however is that our world isn’t just black and white, but most often there is a gray. This gray is where most people live. They don’t conjure evil and their knowledge of spirit is minimal at best. They simply walk among the enlightened and are either feed the living water of truth, or they are polluted and beat down by bad people with a little real knowledge. A little knowledge in the wrong hands can be very dangerous in any situation.
Terms and labels have so many stereotyped definitions that people often make judgments and decisions based on preconceived and media pushed teachings. They hear certain phrases or titles and they cast their judgments not based on facts, but on what their tradition has taught them instead. People point their fingers but refuse to open their hands in acceptance or guidance. The world has traded one book over the direct intervention of spirit. They point out various scriptures intended to cut, yet at the same time they cut out various scripture entirely from the lives themselves and choose to ignore them?
Truth is all around us. The spirit is with us everywhere we go. Don’t be afraid to learn from each other. Never set in your mind that you can learn no more, but be a seeker of complete truth. Stop judging those in whom Jesus would have never judged. Stop playing God and set your mind on simply being what God said your destiny would be. Understand the Kingdom of God is not about talk but about power (1 Cor. 4:20). If you don’t see that power then take that first step forward on your path and keep walking into you do.

What are your thoughts?
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Re: Finding the truth
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I'm not sure if i believe in Jesus or God as such. But i completely agree with the message in this post.
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Re: Finding the truth
Post # 3
Though my belief in Jesus has changed slightly in the last few years I still believe in him. I believe however that the church's label and description of him were more created to offer a system of control for the church rather then to truly teach his real teachings etc.

I believe in a Jesus that did miracles and taught his students that they could to. I believe in a man that turned water into wine, Caused the death of the fig tree, Raised a man from death etc.

He taught the Kingdom of God is within us, and thus is where all real magick originates. Within us is spirit.
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Re: Finding the truth
Post # 4
The article was written for my local paper. I submit them for publication in their religion page.
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